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Teacher Li was the person who had taught her makeup tricks and how to coordinate clothes the last time she had transmigrated as Mu Er.

Through interacting with him, Ning Ning discovered what his true profession was—not a makeup artist, but a special effects makeup artist. Compared to turning a sixty-point woman into one who was eighty points, he was more passionate about turning a young man into an old man, turning a man into a woman, turning a human into a jiangshi

During her free time, Ning Ning learned one of the special effects makeup from him.

As Heaven willed it, the makeup that she learned purely out of curiosity was actually of use this day.

The car stopped in front of the hospital entrance.

Maybe because it was snowing and there were more people that had the flu, there was a huge amount of people who were in the hospital that day. Patients and their families went in and out of the hospital continuously, but there were two people who did not look like patients or the family of a patient standing guard at the entrance, staring at everyone who went in.

“Don’t move, don’t move.” Ning Ning twisted the lipstick in her hand. “This is the last part.”

The door to the car opened. Wen Yu got off first, he then carried Yu Sheng into the hospital.

Mu Gua was about to follow them before he was pulled back by his clothes from behind. Ning Ning shouted in exasperation from behind him, “Are you stupid? What if you get found out? Sit back in quickly !”

On the other hand, Wen Yu was already two to three steps up the stairs and was about to enter the hospital. One of the two people was quickly closing in, they saw that the person he was carrying had a waxy-yellow face, above the mouth was a huge mole, on the mole was a strand of hair, no matter how you looked at it, it was a skinny old man with a wretched appearance that was hit on the head for getting caught peeping into a woman’s bathroom.

It was too ugly to take a second look at, Pei Xuan’s lackey immediately looked away and shifted their vision to the others who were going into the hospital.

In the car, Mu Gua and Ning Ning looked at each other.

The car window reflected Mu Gua’s current looks—fair skinned with bright red lips, as if he was a coquettish minx. Mu Gua suddenly reached out and pinched Ning Ning’s face and said in rage, “Since you didn’t need me to get off the car, why did you have to turn me into this?”

“Let go, let go!” Ning Ning said inarticulately.

She had only learnt one special effect makeup from Teacher Li—old-age makeup. This makeup worked wonders when it was used on Yu Sheng as she was successfully sneaked into the hospital, as for Mu Gua, Ning Ning had originally planned to copy the trope of a television show and casually put on makeup for him so that he could mix in with the crowd as a girl.

As it turned out, she was too naive.

It might have been better if he didn’t have any makeup on. Once he had makeup on, this guy actually looked eighty percent like his sister, how would he be able to sneak in? There was a chance that he would be recognised when someone looked at him from far away!

To quell Mu Gua’s anger, Ning Ning took out Wen Yu’s mobile phone along with a note Yu Sheng had left behind. “They said that they have their responsibilities, and we have our responsibilities. Listen to me…”

Around ten minutes later, in a club.

It wasn’t night time yet, the second son of the Lian family was already drunk. He had his arms around a woman as he cursed, “Old fart, I knew he was biased. Damned Pei Xuan, ganging up with my daughter against me. Bitch, if I knew this would happen, I would have shot you to the wall…”

The mobile phone on his waist suddenly rang. He picked it up and held it up to his ear. “Hello?”

“Second young master.” A teenager’s voice rang out, “The current Miss Lian Lian at the Lian Estate is a fake.”

The second son of the Lian family immediately sobered up. He asked, “Who are you?”

“Who I am is not important,” the other party said, “what is important is that I know where the real Miss Lian Lian is right now.”

“Where?” The second son frantically asked, then said with a doubtful tone, “How do I know that you are not lying to me?”

“I can tell you her location right now.” The other party told him the name of a hospital. “Whether it’s true or not, you will know when you check it out.”

“Alright, I’ll go have a look.” After he hung up, he did not get up from the sofa. What a joke. A rich second generation like him, getting flustered over a call from a stranger, how would that be proper? He called one of his lackeys and ordered, “Little Li, I remember that your wife is the nurse of Affiliate Hospital, right? Get her to ask around for me, did a patient named Lian Lian come in for general surgery today? Ok. Ok, I will wait for your call.”

Once he hung up, he continued to fool around with the girl in his arms, doing so while cursing up a storm—he cursed the old man, he cursed Pei Xuan, he cursed his own daughter…

As he cursed and cursed, his phone rang again.

He answered the phone impatiently, “Hello, Little Li… What? There was really a patient named Lian Lian? What? You went over and took a look and it’s my daughter?”

The second son was flustered. He pushed the woman in his arms from the sofa, then jumped off the sofa himself, he even jumped on the woman’s leg by accident. Along with a crack, the woman screamed like a pig being slaughtered. The security rushed in from the outside. After a moment of chaos, the second son gave the woman a huge sum of medical fees before he could get away. Once he left the club, he got in his car and urged his chauffeur, “Quickly, quickly, quickly, Affiliate Hospital!”

“What’s your next step?” It was still the voice of that teenager, “Bring her back and expose the impostor in front of the family?”

The second son could not help but stop in his tracks. He scanned his surroundings, his vision on everyone who was on their phones now—the big boss with a big belly, the old man with a troubled look on his face, the young girl…one was walking slowly on the snowy ground, one was sitting in a warm car, but none of them was a teenage boy.

“Of course I’m bringing her home so that the impostor at home can have her just desserts.” The second son asked as he continued to look for any signs of the other party, “Where are you? Can we talk face to face?”

The other party fell silent for a moment before asking, “Don’t you want Pei Xuan to have his just desserts?”

The second son was shocked, he laughed. “You seem to know a lot. Of course, compared to that little pawn, I want to get back at Pei Xuan that bastard even more!”

After all he was not very familiar with his worthless daughter, but he was old friends with Pei Xuan. Getting stabbed in the back by his old friend was more painful than getting stabbed ten times by his worthless daughter.

“But in reality you cannot get back at him,” the teenager said, “you know it in your heart, compared to you, Old Master Lian believes in him more, he believes in the words of an outsider more.”

The corner of the second son’s eyes twitched, he wanted to retort but he was unable to. Actually, it was not only Old Master Lian, every member of the Lian family believed in outsiders more than their own family.

“Do you want a suggestion from me?” The teenager suddenly asked.

“…Speak.” The second son said.

“I heard that Old Master Lian is currently having his few favourite successors over for a meal. A meal wouldn’t take very long, at most two hours. They, along with the impostor, are about to come out of the house.” The teenager said, “Pei Xuan swapped your daughter for an impostor without anyone knowing, why don’t you take this chance to swap them back without anyone noticing?”

The second son’s eyes lit up.

“I don’t have to tell you the advantages of swapping them back, right?” The teenager laughed. “You have to know, the person whom Old Master Lian likes the most at the moment is her, you can have her help you by putting in many good words for you in front of Old Master Lian.”

“I don’t need her to put in a good word for me in front of the old man.” The second son started laughing. “I only need her to put Pei Xuan down in front of the old man.”

After watching the second son walk into the hospital, Mu Gua put the mobile phone down. He turned his head and asked Ning Ning, “Why did we get him here? Couldn’t we have gone over to take my sister and run?”

“We aren’t the ones who had done something wrong, why should we run?” Ning Ning answered. She looked at the snow that was falling outside the window. The snow was so white, like the jade mask that was on his face. She muttered, “Pei Xuan is everyone’s sworn enemy. This is everyone’s revenge, everyone gets to stab him, no one gets left behind.”

In the hospital, the second son walked past room by room. The rooms were noisy, but they did not attract his attention. He was currently busy with his own revenge, but within a hospital room another person’s revenge was being enacted.

“Why are you here?” Xu Rong looked at the man in front of her with fear.

It was a tall man full of hostilities. He roared at the nurse beside him, “This is my wife, I’m visiting my wife, what has it got to do with you?”

Then he turned around and smiled at Xu Rong. “Naturally it’s because your boss informed me that you had fallen sick and needed to be cared for, so here I am.”

Xu Rong’s face turned pale, her forehead started perspiring.

This man had come looking for her in the past, not for anything else but her hard-earned money. However, he could not enter the residential area Ning Yu Ren lived in. Even if he could, Ning Yu Ren would not have opened the door for him. Even if he were to cause too much of a disturbance, Ning Yu Ren would have called the police outright.

This man was the typical kind of person who would beat up his wife and cower in front of the police.

“You’re lying.” Xu Rong felt her mouth dry up,  she said hoarsely, “How could Yu Ren have told you to come take care of me? It’s not like she doesn’t know that you, you…”

Xu Rong stopped speaking abruptly, the words Ning Yu Ren had said flashed across her mind.

“I will not let you die nor will I hand you over to the police. You have to quickly recover and accept the gift I have prepared for you.”

Xu Rong would not stop sweating, her face was turning more and more pale, her body could not help but start to shiver. The man on the other hand had already gotten close to her and cracked a disgusting smile. “I see that you have pretty much recovered, you should quickly get discharged, don’t waste money here. I asked about it, one day stay here costs a lot.”

“…I don’t have money.” Xu Rong stuttered, “It’s Yu Ren, Yu Ren will be giving me an advance payment.”

The man pursed his lips. “Then quickly give her a call, tell her not to pay the hospital, she could just directly give me the money!”

Xu Rong was almost crying. Once the money landed into his hands, it would immediately turn into cigarettes and alcohol, he wouldn’t even buy a single cup of rice—in what world would he use them to pay for her medical bills?

At this time, an old woman with a mean face came in with a crying little girl in her arms, she shouted at the man, “The discharge procedures are done, why are you two still dragging your feet?”

“Mummy!” The little girl in her arms cried at Xu Rong, “I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to go back to the countryside!”

“Xiao Yu!” Xu Rong fell off the bed and staggered to her daughter. She snatched her back into her arms, tears finally flowed. “Mom, I had finally enrolled Xiao Yu into provincial kindergarten after much difficulty, why are you sending her back to the countryside?”

“I asked about it, that kindergarten is too expensive, it’s more expensive than the primary school in our hometown.” The old woman hmph-ed, “We aren’t rich people, why should she attend such a good kindergarten? Moreover, she is a girl. Girls don’t have to attend school, it’s enough for her to be able to write her name…”

“Mom!” Xu Rong screamed, “Xiao Yu is not like us! Xiao Yu is already on television! She will become a huge star, a huge star like Ning Yu Ren.”

The old woman was stunned by her scream. Once she got back to her senses she gave Xu Rong a forceful slap just like she used to do back at home, she scolded her, “Crazy talk. You think everyone is a Ning Yu Ren? Huge star. If she is a huge star, why don’t I see her giving me money?”

The mother and daughter pair wept and sobbed as they were dragged out of the hospital by the man and the old woman.

How would the future turn out for the two of them?

Perhaps, it would return to how it should originally have been.

At night, Ning Yu Ren returned to the empty house. Once she entered the door, she heard the phone ring. She was unsure on how long the phone had been ringing for, but it continuously rang as if it was brooding.

She slowly took off her high heels and walked to the phone, picking it up, “Hello?”

“Yu Ren!” Xu Rong was crying on the other end, she sounded like she was having a breakdown. “Yu Ren, I was wrong! What do you need me to do? What do you need me to do before you are willing to let me…no, let Xiao Yu off?”

“What are you talking about?” Ning Yu Ren asked gently, “What do you mean by letting you off?”

“I don’t care what happens to me, if you want me to die I will immediately jump off from a building, but Xiao Yu…” Xu Rong choked, “Xiao Yu has so much potential. She is such a smart child, she also loves to act, doesn’t she remind you of yourself when you were young? I’m begging you, keep her by your side. For the sake of our years of friendship, for my sake as a mother…”

“Xu Rong,” Ning Yu Ren interrupted her, she said blandly, “you are a mother, I am also a mother.”

Xu Rong did not make a sound for a very long time.

“So you should accept my gift with a peace of mind.” Ning Yu Ren said gently, “This is the future you are supposed to have.”

After she finished speaking, she hung up and would ignore the phone no matter how much it rang afterwards.

“It’s time for me to fetch Ning Ning,” she told herself, “but before that, there is something I have to do.”

She returned to her room and opened her safe. Within was neither money nor jewelry, it was stacks of video tapes instead, each of them were also labelled with a time and date. These were her diaries. Every time she visited Life Theater, she would record the story of her transmigration—in the style of a movie.

She took out a blank video tape and started to record the diary of the day.

The camera was pointed at her, she smiled at the camera.

“Hello, Ning Yu Ren,” she said, “I came from the year 2007, I am you ten years in the future.”

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