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Boss's Lover

On the table in the living room was lunch for three people.

This was a matter of course, because there were three people sitting in the living room.

Ning Ning, Pei Xuan, and a man with a crew cut.

Ning Ning had originally thought that Pei Xuan was the one who had assaulted her in the middle of the night, but she realised she had wronged him when she saw the crew-cut man. Crew-Cut Man looked at her as if she had killed his father, biting off a chunk of a chicken drumstick and asking as he chewed, “When will you let me kill her?”

Ning Ning felt a sense of urgency.

“Stop scaring her with such jokes.” Pei Xuan placed a straw into a glass of soy milk and placed it in front of Ning Ning. “Little Ai, let me ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Of the money I previously left with you, how much have you spent?”


At this moment, Ning Ning wished that she could beat Zhang Xin Ai to death with a punch. Sister, could you keep your wits about you? The world is such a big place, there are so many people about. Out of all the people to mess with, why must you mess with Pei Xuan?

“You don’t have to ask.” The crew-cut man let out a cold laugh. “I saw her (bank) passbook, her passbook had no more money in it.”

…Messing with Pei Xuan was one thing, why must you spend his money? You even spent it all!!

This amount of money definitely did not only belong to Pei Xuan alone, he had a share, Crew-Cut Man had a share too. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain why Crew-Cut Man was looking at her with such an expression—seizing one’s fortune was like killing one’s parents.

“A star has huge expenses, I can understand if you spent a little of it.” Pei Xuan smiled at Ning Ning. “But you can’t just spend five million on your own.”

Five million!!

“…Give me some time.” Ning Ning said, “I have a lot of jewellery pieces here, I’ll exchange them for money for you.”

“One day.” Pei Xuan set a time for her. “We are leaving tomorrow. I don’t care if you were going to sell your jewellery or borrow money today—Give us two million, or else…”

The crew-cut man in front of her laughed coldly. He placed both his hands on his own neck and made a strangulation gesture towards Ning Ning.

“…I’ll try my best.” Ning Ning said.

Selling every piece of jewellery within a day would be something that was very difficult to do, so Ning Ning for the most part called people up to ask them to lend her money. Borrowing money was something that was difficult for anyone—anyone who wasn’t Zhang Xin Ai. This woman’s interpersonal relationship with others was strangely good. The moment they heard that she was in trouble, people lent her at least ten to twenty thousand. Those who were willing to lend more had given her one hundred to five hundred thousand. She actually really gathered up two million in a day, she even had excess.

This money was not to be saved in her bank account, but in Pei Xuan’s designated bank account. He was wearing sunglasses and a face mask when he went downstairs. Once he had confirmed the money was in the account, he returned upstairs. He pulled down his face mask and smiled at Ning Ning. “You’ve worked hard.”

“It was nothing, it was nothing.”

“Our train is at two. There’s still time, we’ll stay here for a while.”

“Alright. Take a seat, do you want some beer?”

“I’m good. That’s right, how do I use the tub in your bathroom?”

In the bathroom was a hot tub. Ning Ning knelt by the side of the tub as she helped him fill it up, water started to bubble out in the tub. She put a hand in and gently swirled the water, testing the temperature. The water was slowly filling the tub up, she was about to call Pei Xuan over when a hand suddenly reached out from behind her and pushed the back of her head down, her entire person was pressed into the water in front of her.

Bubbles formed as she gurgled and used every ounce of her strength to struggle.

“The money is already in our hands, why go through the trouble to kill her?” Pei Xuan’s voice sounded as if they fluttered in through the doorway.

“Pei Ge, this woman made you a cuckold, she even made off with so much of our money. Even if you are okay with her, I am not.” Crew-Cut Man’s voice rang out coldly behind Ning Ning.

“…Let go.”

The hand that was pressing Ning Ning’s head down suddenly let go. She struggled to get out of the tub quickly, holding herself up by the tub with both her hands as she was gasping for air.

“Let the water out and bring the tape. Secure her in the tub, knock her out before you fill up the tub again.” Pei Xuan said lazily behind her, “Make it clean if you want to kill her. Don’t cause trouble for me.”

“…You unruly citizens want to bring harm to the sovereign, We will not die hahahaha!!”

Collapse of character designation.

Back to the beginning.

The crew-cut man in front of her bit off a chunk of a chicken drumstick. “When will you let me kill her?”

“Stop scaring her with such jokes.” Pei Xuan placed a straw into a glass of soy milk and placed it in front of Ning Ning. “Little Ai, let me ask you something.”

“I don’t have money.”


She would die even if she gave them the money anyway, she might as well not give them any.

Ten minutes later.

“Mmph mmph mmph!!! Mmph mmph mmph!!!” The crew-cut man placed Ning Ning into the hot tub. Both her hands and legs were taped up, her mouth was also taped up with scotch tape, she was frantically shaking her head at Pei Xuan.

“Whether money or your life is more important, have you thought about it carefully?” Pei Xuan leaned on the wall with folded arms. He shot a look at Crew-Cut Man, which the latter responded to by forcefully tearing off the scotch tape on Ning Ning’s mouth.

He used so much force that after he had torn the tape off, Ning Ning’s face stung like it was on fire.

She looked at Pei Xuan while catching her breath. Water continued to fill the tub, it was already over her waist, her long wavy hair floated above the water like black seaweed. She swallowed and asked, “You’ll let me go if I give you the money?”

“Of course.” Pei Xuan smiled lazily. “Killing you does me no good.”

Ning Ning turned and looked at Crew-Cut Man, saying coldly, “What about him? Can you guarantee that he wouldn’t kill me?”

Pei Xuan glanced at Crew-Cut Man with what seemed to be a smile. “I can.”

He was a damn liar, she should not have believed him.

Ning Ning repeated what she did before, borrowing two million from her friends and relatives. Crew-cut man also repeated what he did before, he once again pushed her head into the water.

“We had a deal!” Ning Ning fought to get her head out of the water, shouting in a fearful but furious tone, “You guaranteed that he wouldn’t kill me!”

“My apologies.” Pei Xuan played it down. “I was joking with you.”

“…You unruly citizens want to bring the sovereign harm, We will not die hahahaha!!”

Collapse of character designation.

Back to the beginning.

The crew-cut man in front of her bit off a chunk of a chicken drumstick. “When will you let me kill her?”

“Stop scaring her with such jokes.” Pei Xuan placed a straw into a glass of soy milk and placed it in front of Ning Ning. “Little Ai, let me ask you something.”

Ning Ning did not say a word as she stared at the two people in front of her.

From the start, they had never planned to let her live.

Especially Crew-Cut Man, he was simply dead set on wanting her life. Why? For the five million? To show his loyalty to Pei Xuan, or was it for…

“It’s about the five million, right?” Ning Ning laughed, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your money.”

Pei Xuan exchanged a glance with Crew-Cut Man then smiled. “That’s good. When will you be able to give me the money?”

“I have a collection of jewellery in my room, but I will need some time to handle the situation.” Ning Ning took out her phone. “How about this, let me make a few calls and ask around to see if any friends are willing to lend me some money?”

Upon finishing, she made a few calls in front of Pei Xuan.

Previously, for the sake of borrowing money, she mainly called men. This time, she mainly called women.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I recently bought a house, I don’t have spare cash on hand.”

“My two kids are in school, their expenses are huge…can I lend you a thousand?”

“I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you back later.”

Just as she was about to call the next person, Pei Xuan suddenly reached out and held her hand.

“Why are you calling only women?” He stared at her, his lips curled ever so slightly upward. “A woman as pretty and as good at handling people as you would probably not be popular among other women. Let me pick for you.”

He had seen through her. Ning Ning could only watch as he took the phone out of her hands. She did not know if he went through her call logs or her contact list, he returned the phone to her afterward. “Big Brother Hai, Little Ke, Li Shan Zhu, give these three a call first.”

The results were obvious.

Big Brother Hai, “You still dare to call your Big Brother Hai?? Your Big Brother Hai is still busy teaching that little whelp at home a lesson, I don’t have time for you!!”

Little Ke, “I need to settle the matter with my father, I will get back to you later.”

Li Shan Zhu, “Big Sister Ai, give me a moment… I have a total of three thousand inside my card. I’ll leave three hundred on me for my meals and I’ll transfer the rest to you, will that do?”

Mistakes made people…no, people made mistakes. Ning Ning looked at Pei Xuan innocently after she hung up. You had to pick the three of them out of everyone, God does exist, you deserved to have your face twisted up.

Pei Xuan furrowed his brows as he thought about it, then shook his head and let out a bitter laugh. “I didn’t expect you to be doing so poorly once you stopped involving yourself with the movie tickets.”

Ning Ning’s heart stopped. What did he mean by that?

“There are people who use the movie tickets to save people, there are people who use the movie tickets to mold their acting skills..” Pei Xuan placed a cigarette in his mouth, the crew-cut man helped him light it up from the side. He blew a puff of smoke into the sky, then narrowed his eyes and smiled at Ning Ning behind the diffusing smoke. “You took the tickets to improve your interpersonal relationships. Yet, even after doing that for so many times, you couldn’t even borrow two million, that’s such a waste of that many tickets.”

So that was it.

Ning Ning closed her eyes.

No wonder Zhang Xin Ai was so fearless, it was also no wonder she had good relationships with others—because she had movie tickets. As long as she could find the corresponding movie, as long as she had enough movie tickets, she could go back repeatedly to improve or even turn around her relationship with anyone.

But this kind of improvement had its limits as well. Had she changed the fate of a main character? How many times? Since she had the ability to change the past, why did she not try to change the fate of her fiance? Was it because she didn’t love him, or was it because she had run out of tickets?

Now was not the time to be thinking of those things.

“Take out all of your jewellery pieces, we will handle it later.” Pei Xuan asked with a smile as he held his cigarette between his fingers, “That’s right, how do I use the tub in your bathroom? ”

Splish, splosh, splish, splosh, splish, splosh. Water was bubbling up within the tub.

Ning Ning stood by the bathtub, a figure silently approaching behind her.

She suddenly turned around and hugged him. She told him in a low voice, “You really think I would spend the whole five million?”

The other party was shocked. While he was still immersed in his shock, she had already abruptly stood on her tiptoes, hugging his neck with both her arms and kissing him ferociously.

Crew-Cut Man did not know how to respond at first, then he slowly hugged her waist. At last, he decided he might as well let down his guard, forget about everything else, and kiss her.

Was that very strange?

No, it was not strange at all.

After finding out that she was multi-timing him, Pei Xuan was not angry in the slightest, the one who was angry was Crew-Cut Man. Why? Because the person who loved her was him, not Pei Xuan.

Because she was the boss’ woman, he suppressed his feelings, but would Zhang Xin Ai allow him to suppress his feelings? She wouldn’t. This woman loved to play around with forbidden love—between father and son, between brothers—how would she let this pair of master and servant go? The only thing worse than this kiss that was akin to cheating, was that it was not happening for the first time.

Their lips parted, Ning Ning slowly placed her chin on his shoulder. She turned her eyes to look at him—her eyes that were flowing with Zhang Xin Ai’s seduction and malice. She said to him with tender affection, “The money belongs to the two of us, why should he get a share?”

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  2. It’s a little too piercing to my eyes.
    I can only say
    “Poor Shi Zong Tang, this little baby is stuck in the dark for so long, he can even kiss her properly and has to watch so many men kiss and get ambiguous with Ning Ning!!!” *Sigh* ????

  3. Just what kind of a woman is Zhang Xin Ai is? Did she really love Wen Yu? Those tickets… she used to patch up broken relationship? Weird.
    From starting of this arc (movie) I’m concerned about “Zhang Xin Ai’s” tricks and Shi Zhang Tong’s reaction afterwards ???? I’m waiting!

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    Green! All green!! ???? Our ml has a large green field on his head

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