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Thousand Miles Away from Her

The sound of footsteps could be heard outside, Crew-Cut Man frantically let go and maintained a distance from Ning Ning.

“Has the tub been filled?” Pei Xuan stood at the doorway.

“It has been filled.” Ning Ning said to him with an unperturbed expression, as if she was unfamiliar with his lackey whom she had just seduced.

Pei Xuan walked past her as he took off his top. He was not fat even though he was past his middle age, maybe it was because he had led a healthy lifestyle in prison? He even had a few abs.

He tossed his top at the sink before turning around and smiling at Ning Ning. “What’s the matter? You want to watch me take a bath?”

Ning Ning retreated out of the bathroom frantically, Crew-Cut Man followed closely behind.

The door to the bathroom was closed from inside. The two of them held their breaths as they listened, the sound of water slowly reverberated from inside.

“Kill him.” Ning Ning said in a low voice to Crew-Cut Man.

Crew-Cut Man was frightened by her words, he frantically shook his head. “No, no, no, that won’t do, he’s my boss…”

“Do you think he will let you off knowing that the two of us have a thing?” Ning Ning laughed coldly.

“He doesn’t know.” Crew-Cut Man’s expression twinkled for a moment.

Ning Ning smiled. She slowly raised her hand and caressed his lips, then held up the finger she used to caress his lips in front of his eyes—it was stained a little red with lipstick.

Crew-Cut Man was appalled. He frantically touched his lips with both his hands…lipstick, it was even a flamboyant bright red.

“…You!” Crew-Cut Man looked at her in shock and anger. “You planned this?”

“Dear, upon seeing this, what do you think he will think of?” Ning Ning dabbed on her red lips and smiled at him in a wretched manner. “He will not do anything to you now as you are of use to him, but what would happen after you are of no use to him any longer? How do you think he will deal with a fellow like you who made him a cuckold?”

Crew-Cut Man fell silent. He clenched his fist and breathed heavily.

“Of course, you don’t necessarily have to kill him.” Ning Ning relaxed her tone, she didn’t really want to kill Pei Xuan, it would be better to send him back to prison. The reason she had mentioned killing him at the beginning was for the bargaining session that was about to follow. She touched her still bruised neck and asked, “I did not wake up even after you had strangled me, how did you do it?”

“…I have an anesthetic shot with me.” Crew-Cut Man answered.

Ning Ning looked towards the bathroom. “Then what are you waiting for?”

Crew-Cut Man was in two minds, he was visibly struggling. One would not be able to tell that he was so timid. He was clearly taller and stronger than Pei Xuan, but right now he looked like a little deer that was being forced to kill a leopard, the little deer was terrified.

She couldn’t give him time to think. The more a person thought, the more timid they became.

“Dear, don’t you want me?” Ning Ning placed a hand on his chest, her fingers moving downwards as her vision moving upwards, her voice was coquettish and bewitching, “Don’t you want to live in a luxurious house, drive a luxurious car and be a rich man? Pei Xuan can give you nothing but those. Whatever he can give you, I can give you, what he can’t give you…”

She brought her sexy red lips close to him and blew hot air at his ear, her words like melted honey. “I can give it to you.”

Before wealth and lust, Crew-Cut Man had finally lost his reasoning.

He held onto the anesthetic shot in his pocket tightly and walked towards the bathroom. He stopped in his tracks halfway to the bathroom and turned around to look at Ning Ning, as if he wanted to see if she was still standing there.

Of course Ning Ning was still standing there. She waved at him, then gently placed two fingers on her lips and blew him a kiss.

This kiss gave Crew-Cut Man courage. He took a deep breath before finally pushing the door in front of him open and walked into the bathroom.

This situation was the exact opposite of what it was before.

Ning Ning and Pei Xuan had swapped roles.

Ning Ning had to rack her brains to escape from Crew-Cut Man last time, now it was Pei Xuan’s turn. How would he try to escape?


The scream didn’t belong to Pei Xuan, it belonged to Crew-Cut Man.

Not only was there a puddle of water on the floor in front of the door, there was also a bar of soap which had almost dissolved in the water, there were bubbles on the water surface. Crew-Cut Man was in too much of a hurry that he ended up stepping on the soap as he rushed in the door, then slipped and fell backwards with feet facing up.

Pei Xuan laughed as he watched.

He was not taking a bath, even the top that he had just taken off was neatly worn on his body. He had been leaning on the wall, waiting for Crew-Cut Man to enter.

Pei Xuan quickly walked towards him as Crew-Cut Man fell over, bent down and picked up the anesthetic shot that had fallen onto the floor, then jabbed it viciously at Crew-Cut Man’s neck.

Crew-Cut Man only had enough time to block it with his arm. The needle did not pierce into his neck, it only pierced into his arm, but what difference did it make? Crew-Cut Man struggled for a while. He got off the ground before he fell limply back down, half his face was stuck on the cold porcelain tile. He said dizzily, “It was her, not me, it was her, not me…”

Pei Xuan ignored him and stepped over his body.

He scanned the surroundings. The living room was empty, there was not a single soul.

He then took a few more steps towards the front door and saw that it was open, a pair of women’s shoes were missing by the door.

“Hehe.” Pei Xuan stared in the direction of the front door. He narrowed his eyes and smiled, “She really is a fox.”

On the streets.

“Huff…huff…” Ning Ning ran wildly on the streets. Unexpectedly, she saw a taxi driving towards her, she frantically flagged it down as she stood in front of it.

The driver slammed on the brakes, he wound down the window and peeked his head out. “Do you want to die?!”

Ning Ning did not answer him. She immediately pulled open the door and got on the taxi, then pulled her messy hair behind her and told the driver, “Quick, start driving quickly.”

“Where to?”

“Anywhere! Mister, quickly start driving!”

She took out her phone once the taxi drove off, thinking about who to call.


No, Zhang Xin Ai wouldn’t do that.

Because she was in cahoots with Pei Xuan—or at least had been in cahoots—Ning Ning didn’t know what exactly Zhang Xin Ai did for Pei Xuan, but she definitely had a degree of trust from Pei Xuan. Otherwise, he would not have transferred his money to her before he went to prison.

The money was nowhere to be found now, it was very likely that while Pei Xuan was in prison, Zhang Xin Ai had squandered it extravagantly, or maybe she had transferred it. If Pei Xuan were to be arrested by the police, he would definitely have snitched on her.

A female star who helped a bad guy to launder money? Zhang Xin Ai definitely would not have wanted to be saddled with such a bad reputation. Thus, she wouldn’t have called the police, and Ning Ning also could not call the police. Otherwise, she would immediately cause the character specification to collapse and return to the beginning.

She deleted the 110 that she had just entered (into her phone). Ning Ning opened the call logs to look for people she could ask for help from.

“Big Brother Hai…, Little Ke… No, no, these people won’t do.” Ning Ning muttered, “If they were to come up against Pei Xuan, they might not only not help me deal with him, they might even help him deal with me…”

Just like how she convinced Crew-Cut Man just now.

Pei Xuan could also convince Big Brother Hai and Little Ke.

It was not a competition of who was right, it was about who had more eloquence, smarts and cunning…

Ning Ning could not guarantee that she would win against Pei Xuan alone, nor could she place her stakes on people like Big Brother Hai or Little Ke. How many times had she died in their hands now?

Her finger continued to scroll… Hold on—Ning Ning hastily scrolled backwards.

“Wen Yu…” She softly read out the name in her phone.

When she got back to her senses, the call was already made.

The phone rang a few times before a young man’s voice could be heard from the phone, “Hello, who’s this?”

“It’s me,” Ning Ning paused, “Zhang Xin Ai.”

With a clack, the call was disconnected.

…What was with this situation? Ning Ning was astounded. After transmigrating as Zhang Xin Ai for so many days, this was the first man to hang up on her, everyone else other than him had waited for her to hang up first.

Suspecting that his phone had issues, Ning Ning called him back again, but in the end, her calls would not connect again. Why? The driver in front of her teased her as he drove. “Are you collecting a debt?”

“…” Ning Ning stewed on it for a moment. “Why do you think I’m collecting a debt?”

“Your calls couldn’t even get through once, what else would it be if the person is not avoiding a creditor?” The driver tossed his phone to her. “Here, give it another shot.”

Ning Ning picked up the phone, this time, she deliberated on her words before calling again.

“Wen Yu, help me.” She switched to an extremely pitiful tone, even a hard rock would not be able to hold back its tears if it had heard her. “I’m in big trouble…”

“Get someone else to help you.” Wen Yu said blandly.

With another clack, this phone could not get through to him anymore as well.

Ning Ning stared speechlessly at the phone for a very long time.

…What was going on? Was the person on the other end really Wen Yu? Was this the Wen Yu she knew? When did the little angel in her mind turn so ice cold to push someone a thousand miles away?

Forget it. If the calls couldn’t get through, she would send him a text.

She opened her messages and was astonished.

This was not the future, WeChat didn’t exist, there was only SMS. If a mobile phone had too many text messages, then it would not receive new ones. Thus. Zhang Xin Ai had been deleting everyone’s messages—except for Wen Yu’s…

Although he had distanced himself a thousand miles away from her, but the messages he had sent, she had kept every single one of them.

“…How could this be?” Ning Ning muttered in her heart, “The person Zhang Xin Ai wants to be together with, is it you?”

In that instant, Ning Ning felt that the phone in her palm weighed a thousand pounds.

No matter if it was Big Brother Hai, Little Ke or the gold-chain wearing Crew-Cut Man, she was willing to gnaw and con them because she had to do so, she wanted to leave this movie alive. But…but what if the person was Wen Yu?

Ning Ning trembled as she typed her message, she even started to perspire from her forehead. It wasn’t even this difficult when she had to go up against Pei Xuan. In her heart was a voice that was telling her repeatedly, “You know you are acting, but what if he can’t tell? You have already kissed quite a few people with your mouth now, but what if he doesn’t know? You…you profess your love for him as Zhang Xin Ai, what if he accepts?”

After thinking about these scary outcomes, the hand which Ning Ning used to type the message froze.

She hesitated for a while more before she sighed. “Forget it.”

Just as she was about to delete the message, a young couple ran out across in front of the taxi, forcing the driver to slam on the brakes. Ning Ning was caught off guard and fell forward. While she was not paying attention to her hand, the message was sent.

The content was only one sentence.

“A person named Pei Xuan is looking for trouble with me.”

When Ning Ning leaned back on the seat again, her phone rang.

“Where are you now?” Wen Yu’s voice rang out from the other end.

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