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Sharing A Drink

Bedroom, an open wardrobe.

There were long dresses and short blouses, plain and colourful, a huge array of variety, they only had one common factor—expensive. A hand stroked the clothes from the left to right, stopping at a conservative white shirt. It hesitated for an instant before taking out the dress beside it.

Outside the door, Wen Yu was looking down at his watch when he suddenly heard Ning Ning’s voice ring out from behind the door, “Wen Yu, can you come in?”

“What’s the matter?” Wen Yu asked.

“Do me a favour.” Ning Ning said, her only fear was that he would not come in. She lowered herself more and added another word in a frail manner, “Please.”

Wen Yu hesitated for a moment before looking back at the door behind him. He reached out and pushed it open a little.

The door had been left unlocked. After it opened with a creak, he saw a woman with her back against him, standing in front of a huge full length mirror. She was wearing an evening gown, but the zipper on the back was not zipped up, so her entire back was revealed. The dress was black, the skin was fair, there were no other colours, but it was provocative and alluring.

Upon hearing the opening of the door, she turned her face to her right shoulder and said, “I can’t reach the zipper, can you help me pull it up?”

With a bang, the door was closed again.

Ning Ning’s reflection showed her shoulders slumped down, she let out a long breath of relief.

But she still had to ask, “What’s the matter?”

“Wear something else.” Wen Yu’s voice rang out from the other side of the door.

“You don’t like what I’m wearing now?” Ning Ning smiled. “Then which one do you like?”

Wen Yu, “…Anything.”

“The range of anything is so big.” With a rustle, the dress fell to the ground, a pair of slender snow-white legs were standing in the dress, reflected in the mirror, “Why not? Come in and help me pick one?”

There was no movement outside the door.

The smile on Ning Ning’s reflection widened, but her tone had a silent resentment, “I have never brought you any harm, why are you so afraid of me?”

“I’m afraid of accidents.” Wen Yu said blandly, his voice had a trace of caution, “I don’t want accidents like your dress suddenly falling to the ground when I am helping you to zip it up, or to see you naked when I open the door.”

Haha! Ning Ning almost laughed out loud, but for the sake of abiding to the character specifications, she could only hold it in and not say a word.

How could Zhang Xin Ai not think of any methods of seduction Ning Ning could think of? How could Zhang Xin Ai not have used any methods of seduction Ning Ning could use?

Wen Yu did not get hooked in the past, once he found out the truth about her, what were the chances that he would still get hooked?

The worries in her heart were reduced by quite a lot. Wen Yu’s reaction was like a key that had unlocked the invisible chains on her body, her hands and feet were no longer tied up, she even had to  take a long time to pick her clothes. The door to the room was opened from inside, Ning Ning was leaning on the doorway with a Bohemian Dress, she had even applied a simple make up, smiling at him amorously. “I’m done.”

A few minutes later, in the living room.

Wen Yu sat on the sofa, watching the woman in front of him walk back and forth. She placed a bottle of red wine and a wine glass on the table.

“Are you close with Pei Xuan?” He stared at her and asked.

“Hmm?” Ning Ning answered ambiguously. She opened the bottle of red wine, scarlet wine flowed into the wine glass.

“I just made a call, Pei Xuan was released from prison three days ago.” Wen Yu said, “Why did he look for you specifically out of anyone else?”

“You want to know why?” Ning Ning asked him with a smile.

“Yes.” Wen Yu said.

“On one condition.”

“What condition?”

“You know what I want.” There were two people in the living room but only one wine glass. Ning Ning raised the glass and took a sip,  the red wine dying her lips red, her lips dying the tip of the glass red in return. She licked her lips once then presented him with the wine glass.

Wen Yu stared at her for a while before reaching out to take the glass out of her hand. He took a sip out of the other side of the glass.

“Pei Xuan left five million with me.” Ning Ning answered with satisfaction.

“Where’s the money now?” Wen Yu immediately asked.

Ning Ning picked the glass up again and took another sip, then presented the glass back to him.

Wen Yu took the glass. Just as he was about to take a sip, fingers with scarlet painted fingernails reached over, spinning the glass around agilely so that the side with her lip stain faced him.

Scarlet wine, scarlet lip stain.

Wen Yu furrowed his brows. When he looked at Ning Ning again, he did not mask his disgust anymore.

Ning Ning, on the other hand, gently touched the surface of the wine then put the finger into her mouth. She clicked her tongue then smiled at him, it was pretty and cute, it even had a trace of evil. This was Zhang Xin Ai—the true Zhang Xin Ai. She had already pretended to be a good girl in front of Wen Yu in the past, unfortunately, she had been exposed. He knew what her true self was like, so she had no need to hide it.

Using the most desirable body in the mortal realm, using her sexiness that had seemingly successfully seduced everyone, using almost demon-like methods to seduce an angel to fall.

“Here, Dear, what are you waiting for?” She urged, “Don’t you want to know who has the money? Don’t you want to know what the person did after acquiring the money?”

Wen Yu hesitated a few times before he finally raised the glass. He placed the glass down after his lips had barely touched the tip, but even with that, his lips were stained with a little red. He took off one of his white gloves and used it as a handkerchief to wipe his mouth with.

Ning Ning sighed, that was Zhang Xin Ai’s rage and her own relief.

“I have spent all of the money.” She answered coldly. The next second, she smiled like a flower. “I didn’t leave a single cent for him. How is that? Are you happy? I know that the two of you have bad blood, how can I let him off lightly?”

“You only thought that he wouldn’t do anything to you even if you spent all his money.” Wen Yu looked back at the direction of the bathroom. They had left the tap running so not to destroy the crime scene, water continued to splash about, the corpse was still soaking in the tub.

“…Unfortunately, Pei Xuan is unlike your other lovers.” Wen Yu slowly turned his head back. “You cannot get rid of him at all. At most, you could only get rid of the person in the bathtub.”

“What are you talking about?” Ning Ning looked at him with a lost expression. “The two of them clearly fought among themselves because they could not agree with their share of money, right?”

“You said it yourself. Five million, you had already spent all of it.” Wen Yu shook his head. “There’s no money left for them to bicker on their share about… Hold on.”

He shot a weird look at Ning Ning, his gaze as sharp as a scalpel. “Did you not tell them that you had already spent the entire five million?”

Ning Ning smiled without saying a word.

She slowly got up and walked around the table, leaning towards Wen Yu as if she had no bones in the body. She looked like she wanted to sit on his lap but Wen Yu stood up from the sofa in an instant at the last moment, thus she missed and sat on nothing.

“Why are you avoiding me?” She sighed in self pity as she reached out and grabbed the wine glass in front of her, drinking the remaining wine in the glass in one go. Because she had drunk too ferociously, a stream of scarlet red wine trickled down the corner of her lips to her neck, all the way into her corsage.

She swallowed the wine in a gulp, then used a finger to touch her lips. “Drink with me this once, then I’ll tell you everything, I’ll also tell the police everything.”

Upon finishing her words, tears were streaming down from both eyes. She stammered, “The moment this matter goes public, I will lose all of my reputation, my career would be over, my fiance would want to break up with me when he comes back. I will lose everything. All I ask from you is one kiss, can you not even give me that?”

Ning Ning stared into his eyes nervously once she finished talking.

She was not worried about him rejecting her…she was worried that he would agree to it instead!

“I have no obligation to satisfy you.” Wen Yu said coldly, “I can vaguely guess what happened in between, it was nothing but what you claimed to be your ‘illness’ acting up. Not only did you seduce Pei Xuan, you even seduced his lackey, then instigated a fight between them for the money, for you…”

“I didn’t!” Ning Ning jumped up with tears streaming down her face, it was as if she had been dealt a great injustice. “You’ve wronged me!”

“I was just making a conjecture, the truth will be revealed once the police are here.” Wen Yu immediately took out his phone as he finished speaking.

Ning Ning’s face portrayed shock. After she came back to her senses, she frantically leapt at him to snatch his phone while mumbling, “You cannot do this to me!”

But Wen Yu broke free of her, walking out as he spoke, “Hello, there has been a murder here…”

Ning Ning sat on the floor and covered her face while she cried, but in contrast, she could not help but feel like she wanted to laugh in her mind.

Zhang Xin Ai, oh Zhang Xin Ai, you really shot yourself in the foot. Saying what you would say, doing what you would do, what would happen in the end? Your failure would just be repeated.

Ning Ning did not return to the beginning even when the police entered. Once her initial joy had dissipated, Ning Ning gradually calmed down and felt that something was off.

“Was her objective for especially giving me such a setting really to let me relive her failures?” Ning Ning thought.

Zhang Xin Ai was not an idiot, that was definitely not a possibility.

As a masked person, their objective in giving their ticket to a person must be for the sake of changing their own fate. But which part was she exactly trying to change—precisely, which day’s fate was she trying to change?

It was currently Thursday, the sky was already dark after she had her testimony taken down. After tonight, there would only be two days left before the movie would end.

“Just two more days,” Ning Ning told herself, “I just have to get to the weekend.”

She had originally wanted to take a taxi home on her own, but after she came out (of the police station), she saw a person pacing up and down, waiting anxiously for her.

“Big Sister Little Ai.” Upon seeing her come out, Li Shan Zhu ran over ecstatically, like a teary-eyed puppy.

“What are you doing here?” Ning Ning pushed her sunglasses up.

Li Shan Zhu said bashfully, “I went to look for you at your house today, only to discover that you were not at home, there was even police tape at the doorway. I asked the policemen at the door, they said that there was a murder at your house, I was shocked at that time…it’s a good thing you are alright.”

It’s a good thing you are alright…

Ning Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she said, “The person who died wasn’t me, it was another…forget it, let’s talk when we get back. Are there any reporters outside the door?”

Although she was very successful in her relationships, she did not enjoy the same success in her career. Zhang Xin Ai might have a lot of puppets under her skirt, but she could not grow in show business. Big Brother Hai had paid to get a lot of female lead roles for her, but only the show became popular while she did not. To quote a certain director, “She used up all her energy on interpersonal relationships, she has no acting skills.”

But even so, she was a familiar face because she was frequently on screen, she could be considered to be a celebrity. Moreover, what happened was not a small matter—someone dying was a big matter—a few tabloid reporters had come in throngs upon hearing the news, they were all loitering outside the door.

The moment Ning Ning walked out of the police station, camera lenses rushed up to her.

“Miss Zhang, what is your relationship with the victim?”

“Why did he die in your house?”

“Miss Zhang, please say something…”

Ning Ning squeezed into a taxi under Li Shan Zhu’s protection. However, there were reporters who were standing in front of the taxi causing the driver to not dare to start driving. A leg suddenly reached out from beside him and stepped on the accelerator for him.

As the taxi sped forward, the reporters stepped back in fright, it also frightened the driver.

“What are you waiting for?” Li Shan Zhu retracted his leg and smiled at him innocuously. “Start driving.”

The taxi drove off. Once it sent them to their destination, it quickly sped off. The driver did not even dare to stop for a second, as if the passengers he had were not human but very hungry venomous snakes.

A key opened the door to the room, two people walked into the door one after another.

“Big Sister Little Ai, stay here for the moment.” Li Shan Zhu said, “This is the old house me and brother used to live in. Ever since my brother bought a new house, I have been living here alone.”

“Then where will you live?” Ning Ning asked.

“I will live at school.” Li Shan Zhu looked down bashfully, sneaking a glance at her. “But if you are afraid of being alone, I can also come over and accompany you.”

Wasn’t there enough trouble already? Ning Ning shook her head. “It’s fine.”

She took a few steps forward and scanned the house. All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks and looked back.

Li Shan Zhu remained firmly rooted in the ground, his head hung very low, his slightly long fringe covered his face and his expression.

“Shan Zhu?” Ning Ning asked, “What’s wrong?”

“…If it were me, I would never have treated you the way he did.” He said while looking down.

“He?” Ning Ning said doubtfully, “Who are you talking about?”

“Wen Yu.” Li Shan Zhu slowly looked up. An innocuous face, a slightly bashful smile. “If you had not called him but called me instead…I would not have called the police, I would have even helped you deal with the corpse in the bathroom.”

TN: Hey guys, it’s been approximately a year—a year and a week to be exact—since we started this project. I just want to say thanks to our readers, you’ve made this more worthwhile and fulfilling that I had ever imagined it to be when I first started it, I hope you guys had as much enjoyment reading this novel as I did, I also hope that it made your year a little better. Last of all, I would like to shamelessly plug the discord server, I sincerely hope that avid readers would join and mingle with the other readers there, till next time!

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