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First Confession

“Is of course Ning Yu Ren!”

Director Chen turned over and looked, written on his face was: ‘This great director has yet finished talking, who interrupted me?’

It was Chen Guan Chao.

“The princess Lingshan of Youling is beautiful, but it is too impactless. There are too many types on the market!” Chen Guanchao compared his hand to Ning Yuren. “Unlike her, she performed an unprecedented , Subversive, deadly and charming female characters! “

Everyone who had just calmed down, because of these words, he began to argue again.     

When a triumphant smile appeared on Chen Guanchao’s face, a voice sounded lazily in the crowd.     

“She did a really good job, good enough to imbalance the whole movie.”     

Chen Guanchao froze and looked around. Seeing Shi Zhongtang touching his chin, he smiled and said, “Do you only care about who is good and who is bad? Have you forgotten the specific content of” People in the Painting “? What is the most important line? Male The Lord is too obsessed with the people in the painting, his father has to let the female second seduce him, now you look at her again. ”     

The eyes of everyone looked at Ning Yuren.

An actress who is gloomy and terrible, as if standing in a place for a long time, can grow mushrooms on that land. Chen Guanchao said that she is deadly and charming. The charm is open to question, but everyone agrees with it. There are few people. Looking at her, I was afraid that I could not help but pull out a string of beads or crosses …

“One Lingshan princess who will make the film labeled” Minors please watch with your parents “, how can you let the male lead fall in love with her at first sight?” Shi Zhongtang shrugged. I can’t even match her fingernails with the phrase ‘?’

“Isn’t this more a reflection of the protagonist’s affection?” Seeing everyone talking, there seems to be a tendency to be moved by Shi Zhongtang. Chen Guanchao hurriedly said, “Even if she is ugly and terrible, the man still loves her. Isn’t this kind of love more touching? “

Shi Zhongtang tilted his head and looked at him with a smile.

When Chen Guanchao thought he had nothing to say, Shi Zhongtang fluttered four words: “The Phantom of the Cinema”.

Chen Guanchao slightly hesitated.

“When I watched the script before, I thought it was a little weird. I don’t know why. There are many places that make me feel familiar.” Shi Zhongtang looked at him. “Now I listen to you, I can finally determine where I have seen it. It’s-“The Phantom of the Cinema.”

“What do you mean by this?” Shi Dao said suddenly.

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