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Come Find Me

Just as Pei Xuan’s voice trailed out, his mobile phone rang.

“Hello” Pei Xuan answered the phone.

“Let my sister go.” Mu Gua’s cold voice rang out from the other end, “Otherwise, I will bring the girl from the attic to where you are now.”

Pei Xuan was stunned, then he said while looking calm, “I’m sorry, my surname is not Zhang, you got the wrong number.”

He hung up, but the phone quickly rang again.

“Looks like you’re a busy man.” Ning Ning stared at him.

“Apologies, let me handle this.” Pei Xuan smiled impatiently at her, then went into the washroom without so much as a by your leave. Just as he entered, the phone stopped its ringing. He looked at his surroundings for a moment, seeing that there was no one around, he immediately called someone.

Police station.

The crew-cut man was getting his statement taken, he was making a report about how the fourth son of the Lian family had killed someone with his car and had absconded a few years ago.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He smiled at the policeman. “I’m sorry, it’s probably my father, can I go take this call?”

“Be done with it and come back quickly.” The policeman said.

The person who provided for you could also be regarded as a parent, Crew-cut Man—in other words, Pei Xuan’s lackey—quickly found a place to answer the phone. “Hello, Brother Pei, what’s up?”

“Mu Gua has brought Lian Lian away.” Pei Xuan said in a straightforward manner.

“What?” Crew-cut Man was so shocked that he almost jumped up. “Then do I have to report it to the police?”

“…Get a few men to circle around the phone booths nearby the Lian Estate, and also shops that have public phones.” Pei Xuan said blandly, “I think he should already be nearby, but he cannot come in, that’s why he is coming after me by calling me. ”

“Ok, I will immediately arrange for the manpower.” Crew-cut Man answered.

He frantically called a few other people after he hung up. If Mu Gua was here, they would definitely be able to recognise him with a glance. 

The few people (he called) were the chef, the gardener and the butler respectively. Originally, they had their own duties. For example, the crew-cut man was responsible for making a report on the fourth son of the Lian family, but faced with this sudden situation, one of them asked with doubt, “Looking for a person? Now? What about Brother Pei’s original arrangement?”

“Listen to Brother Pei. Look for the boy first, we can talk about the other things later.” The crew-cut man said unpleasantly.

The few of them stared at each other, then stopped what they were doing and started to look for Mu Gua around Lian Estate.

On the other side, after Pei Xuan hung up, he came out of the washroom and returned to sit beside Ning Ning.

“How is it?” He asked quietly, “Did anything important happen while I was gone?”

“The old man told someone to inform us that we should stay for the afternoon to have a family lunch together.” Ning Ning answered while being distracted as she recounted the plot for this part.

In the biography, in the script, the next part was titled <<Poison>>.

Old Master Lian did not allow any outsiders to participate because it was a family feast, no matter if it was the brain trust or their confidants, they were all chased off.

The family feast would only have him and his four successors.

Even the servants were given temporary holidays, a chef that had been hired for many years was the only one who was left behind, an old chef that was a little obtuse.

The four successors were each ordered to take something from the kitchen in turns. They would then witness a scene where the old chef ‘added poison’. According to the different personalities of the successor in the kitchen, the old chef would have different reasonings and targets to ‘poison’. All of them would get two chances to correct the old chef’s mistake—once in the kitchen, once at the dinner table.

Old Master Lian was going crazy over his test for affection.

This time he wanted to know if, for the sake of the inheritance, they would sit by and just watch as another successor—watch as their own son, sibling, niece, even their father—consume poison.

There was a commotion in front. The third daughter’s scream rang out, “Those are my friends, how can you chase them off?”

“Mr Lian said, this is a family feast, outsiders are not allowed to participate.” Lawyer Huang said with a professional tone, “You can either stay or leave together with them.”

“It has begun.” Ning Ning thought.

At this moment, a mobile phone beside her rang.

She turned her head to look at the other party, Pei Xuan, who stood up and said, “Apologies, I need to take another call.”

In the washroom.

“Brother Pei, we have searched every phone booth and shop along with any other places that have a public phone, but we have not found him.” The crew-cut man asked, “What do we do now? Do I tell them to continue searching, or…”

Pei Xuan tsk-ed, “Forget it, tell them to stop searching. Go back to the original plan for now…Give me a minute, someone is here.”

Just as he hung up, a person entered the washroom behind him. The person leapt onto Pei Xuan just as he turned around, forcing him to take two steps back and hit his back on the wall.

“Have you gone mad?” Pei Xuan said in a low voice.

“You have to help me, you said you would!” The third daughter, Lian Yuan Yuan, wrapped her arms around his waist as she frantically and angrily spoke out.

Pei Xuan hurriedly walked over to the door and locked it, then looked down at Lian Yuan Yuan who still wasn’t letting go and said, “I will definitely help you, but let’s talk somewhere else, shall we? If the two of us were to be seen like this, we wouldn’t be able to explain ourselves.”

“The two of us have been dubious for a long time, why would you be afraid of people gossiping?” Lian Yuan Yuan rebuked, “Quickly help me deal with the few other people, secure the old man’s inheritance, then we can sign the marriage certificate and split the stuff in half.”

This insatiably avaricious and vain woman would actually split it in half with him? Pei Xuan smiled. He knew that she was lying, but it didn’t matter, he had a way to force her to keep her word.

But on the surface he consoled her with tender affection, “Don’t worry, everything is going to plan, everything will be yours…alright, take it out.”

He reached a hand out to Lian Yuan Yuan.

Lian Yuan Yuan hesitated before opening her handbag, taking out a bottle of eyedrops from inside, but she still held onto it tightly and was unwilling to hand it over to him.

“Are there no other ways?” Lian Yuan Yuan hemmed and hawed, “My eldest brother is a very vigilant person, he has never eaten anything carelessly, he has a lot of friends too. If anything were to happen to him, those friends would come out…”

“Who said I wanted to kill him with poison?” Pei Xuan smiled.

Lian Yuan Yuan was taken aback. “Then…”

“Lian Lian.” Pei Xuan spat out a name.

“Why her?” Lian Yuan Yuan covered her mouth in shock, then had a look of chagrin. “What’s the use of poisoning her? She is but an illegitimate daughter who has never spent time with the old man. How much could the old man like her? She is no match for me at all. She’s only something that is not loved while alive and no one would care even if she’s dead…”

“That’s why she’s the most suitable to die.” Pei Xuan said coldly, “After she dies, someone or some newspaper would naturally hint that she could have been killed by another successor. Logically speaking, this person would definitely have wanted to deprive her of her inheritance. Who is this person? Some people would say that it was your eldest brother. He would definitely refute, he might even want to look for the truth, but Lian Lian would have already turned into ash by then, he would not be able to find anything.”

Lian Yuan Yuan felt ecstatic listening to him. Her doubts were mostly alleviated, the only remaining trace was the only thing bothering her. “Will things really go that smoothly?”

“That would be a matter between your eldest brother and I, you don’t have to worry about it.” Pei Xuan smiled blandly, he exuded a criminal sense of pride, brimming with confidence, it was as if he had everything held under his palms.

This smile lasted for three seconds.

Three seconds later, his mobile phone rang again.

He frowned slightly and told Lian Yuan Yuan, “I need to take this call, you can leave now…Don’t smile, act like you are angry. That’s right, this is pretty good, let the people outside think you’ve failed in seducing me.”

Pei Xuan answered the phone after sending Lian Yuan Yuan away.

“Are you looking for me?” Mu Gua asked.

Pei Xuan narrowed his eyes. “What do you want?”

“I want to tell you one thing.” Mu Gua said, “Lian Lian—and I mean the real Lian Lian—has woken up. She had woken up long ago, she had heard everything you told her, she had also remembered all of it. She is currently by my side, I can bring her to the police anytime.”

Pei Xuan stayed silent, rooted on the spot for a few seconds before he started to smile through gritted teeth. It felt like a demon had torn through its disguise, his ferocious smile was reflected in the mirror in front of him. “No, she is not there. If she was really by your side, you would have gone to the police long ago, you would not have wasted your time calling me at all.”

Mu Gua, “…”

“Little boy, let me take a guess at which part of what you said was true.” This demon said slowly and methodically, “She’s awake, of course she’s awake. I had been wondering how long she could pretend to be a vegetable for, and for that I had been talking to her whenever I had the time to. I told her what I originally wanted to do to her—like killing her, burning her.”

Mu Gua, “…”

“Did she say exactly what I told you? Saying that I would kill your sister, burn your sister.” Pei Xuan said, “You are very rash, of course you would immediately run out to look for me, but you do not know where I am, thus you went back to look for Lian Lian. You want to ask her where the Lian Estate is, but unfortunately, you could not find her anymore as she has already run away.”

Mu Gua, “…”

“Now you are out of ideas, you could only harass me by continuously calling me.” Pei Xuan started to smile. “But what’s the use of that?”

“…How much do you think I know?” Mu Gua asked abruptly after falling silent for a moment, “How much do you think she told me?”

The smile of Pei Xuan’s face slowly faded away.

“She told me everything about the Lian family.” Mu Gua took two deep breaths. “So it doesn’t matter even if she ran, I wouldn’t run. If I could not find you, I would go to the police, the press, I would tell them everything I know. I would tell them that the illegitimate daughter of the Lian family is fake, that her real name is Mu Er, that her family operates an eatery, that she is sixteen this year, that her primary school is…”

“No one would believe you.” Pei Xuan interrupted him.

“They would believe me when my sister is dead.” Mu Gua’s voice suddenly increased in pitch. “The people you have implicated would definitely look for me! I am the witness, I am the evidence!”

“You said it yourself,” Pei Xuan’s voice was very calm, he said word by word, “when your sister is dead.”

The other end fell silent.

What was the use of a witness, an evidence, the truth? Would they be able to be used to exchange for a living sister?

Within the phone booth, Mu Gua was breathing heavily, he was sweating buckets despite it being winter, it made passerbys stare at him.

“Across your house, across my house and the entrance of the police station.” Mu Gua suddenly said, “Come look for me in these three places.”

“Be clear about it, what exactly do you want?” Pei Xuan asked.

“I won’t tell you.” Mu Gua let out a cold laugh. “You make your lackeys do everything, even when you commit crimes. I don’t care what you want to do to my sister, stop whatever it is. Let your lackeys come look for me!”

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