Life Theater “Liar! Liar! Liar!” Ning Ning scolded as she ran back. “You liar! You did not intend to come back at all!”   Everyone knew the reason masked people had left. There must be a person, a person who… Read More »ITTMB 174


Don’t Abandon Me “Big Brother!!” A voice of rage suddenly rang out, it pierced the white forge like a sharp knife. Ning Ning looked back, it was Wen Yu. Wen Yu rushed over. Brothers who had not met for decades,… Read More »ITTMB 173


Leader Today was yet another day of leading a befuddled existence in a drunken stupor. Cui Hong Mei laid on her sofa, her fingertips pinching a stick of cigarette. She asked the young meat who was sitting beside her, “Why… Read More »ITTMB 172


The Phantom’s Stage The city only had one prison. There was a new batch of criminals who were sent there today. The prison guards were standing guard at the entrance, the masked people were also standing guard at the entrance.… Read More »ITTMB 171


The Final Scene “Hello, it’s ‘Are You Hungry Takeout’…” The delivery man held a bag and walked up the stairs, he was almost frolicking as he thought about the possibility of asking for a signature when the door opened later.… Read More »ITTMB 170


Gift Yourself to Me “Bang!” Shi Zhong Tang could hear the salvo within the theater before he stepped in. “What’s going on?” He said as he entered. He looked out, a group of heads were gathered round. Ever since the… Read More »ITTMB 169


Hero There was only the last scene remaining. But Director Chen suddenly collapsed. His thunderous collapse gave the bystanders a fright, a person who was lacking brain cells suddenly roared, “It’s happening again!” After the person scared them, the crew—who… Read More »ITTMB 168


Life in the Morning, Death in the Evening Tires screeched on the road, it was an ear piercing sound. The car had yet to come to a complete stop, but the door opened, Ning Ning rushing out of it. “Ning… Read More »ITTMB 167


Never Lonely Someone claimed that the movie <<Phantom of the Theater>> was most probably cursed, or maybe it was Director Chen who was cursed. It led to death both times. Moreover it was even more supernatural this time. The murderer… Read More »ITTMB 166


Red and White “Or is it that…” Ning Ning asked, “you’re actually here to kill me?” Wen Yu looked down at her without speaking. “Compared to Mr. Rabbit, I’m the better choice, right?” Ning Ning slowly looked up at him.… Read More »ITTMB 165