Act Four “How much did we donate to the village every year, huh? We don’t need you to do anything else, we only need you to do one thing, yet you can’t even do the one thing? Return my hard-earned… Read More »ITTMB 156


Exorcism “I still can’t trust you.” The dancers on stage had stopped. There had been too many accidents that day, they thought that everything would return to normal after they had a substitute. Ning Yu Ren started to talk to… Read More »ITTMB 155


Three Act Play The lock hanging on the door was suddenly unlocked. The door was opened from the outside. The village chief led a group of people, standing at the doorway and saying, “Ning Yu Ren, quickly pack up and… Read More »ITTMB 154


Ancestor Worship Ning Ning’s eyes flashed, she asked, “…Can I still trust you?” “Of course, why would I lie to you?” The village chief frantically took an oath and said a bunch of words to placate her, but Ning Ning… Read More »ITTMB 153


House Arrest Ning Ning was under house arrest. “No, no, how could we put you under house arrest?” The village chief refused to admit it as he smiled. “We are just afraid that you will get lost. So, before your… Read More »ITTMB 152


Sacrifice Day one, no water. Ning Ning licked her dry lips. She looked up, the sounds of cicadas rang out from outside the round well. “…Where are we?” An equally dry voice rang out. Ning Ning looked down and saw… Read More »ITTMB 151


What is God? There were two owner candidates in the house, but there was only one mask. Who would be the one to wear the mask in the end?   “It will have to do, although it doesn’t have the… Read More »ITTMB 150


Stand-in Dancer A fight between a mother and a daughter, a fight over a role. This was not the first time, but most probably, this would be the last. “Village Chief,” Ning Ning asked the village chief afterwards, “what kind… Read More »ITTMB 149


Rules Ning Ning recognised his face, the others didn’t. But they recognised the mask in his hand. “How are you related to Li Shui Sheng?” The old village chief stared at the mask in his hand and asked. “He’s my… Read More »ITTMB 148


The Position of the Ning Family The mosquitos in the countryside were too powerful, one bite would cause a giant bump. Ning Ning woke up in the middle of the night due to her getting bitten by the mosquitos. She… Read More »ITTMB 147