Life Opera House Although he called it a gimmick, Director Chen planned to perfect it. He found specialists to design the costumes, he gave emergency summons to Li Shan Zhu who was having a holiday—he was now locked up, using… Read More »ITTMB 138


Adapted from a True Story Morning, outside the set. “Sir!” A monk suddenly jumped in front of Director Chen. “This monk was observing the celestial phenomena at night and saw that your crew has an overwhelming bloody omen, it must… Read More »ITTMB 137


Spreading like a Virus No matter how many rumours there were, no matter how many accidents there were within the crew, as long as Director Chen was alive, the shooting would continue. “A!” The door opened, a pair of red… Read More »ITTMB 136


Vanishing Knife Upon seeing the caller display, Chen Shuang He thought: Oh no. The ringing of the phone had exposed his position, a knife silently stabbed in his direction. “Ah!!!” Amidst his cry, the lights were switched on. “Are you… Read More »ITTMB 135


Fake Goods It was a very-hard-to-answer question. Ning Ning hesitated for a very long time. Just as she was about to answer, a hand reached out across from her, Boss Qu stopped her. “Hold it…think about it carefully before you… Read More »ITTMB 134


Deception A few days later, at the filming location. “Juliet.” Chen Shuang He waited a while before turning his head and said, “I mean you.” It was then that Ning Ning seemed to come back to her senses. As she… Read More »ITTMB 133


Nurturing Someone into a Lover “Director Chen?” Shi Zhong Tang said with a laugh. “It is unlikely that he would go so far to implicate him..” When she returned from Director Chen’s side, Ning Ning immediately looked for Shi Zhong… Read More »ITTMB 132


Dance With Me “…” Ning Ning blinked. She did not speak, she just slowly raised her hands and hugged him. The two of them were hugging in the darkness for a while. “Can you give me a kiss as well,… Read More »ITTMB 131


I’ve Waited For You For A Very Long Time <<After Juliet’s Death>>, as the name suggested, was a movie about family grudges. The story was set in modern times. Two companies in the same industry that were at loggerheads with… Read More »ITTMB 130


The Gradually Disappearing Man Chen Shuang He suddenly shuddered as he looked at the man in front of him. “Customer, please follow me.” “…Hold on, you are not a customer.” “Stowaway!! Hahaha, come quickly, everybody! Someone snuck in, someone finally… Read More »ITTMB 129