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There was only the last scene remaining.

But Director Chen suddenly collapsed.

His thunderous collapse gave the bystanders a fright, a person who was lacking brain cells suddenly roared, “It’s happening again!”

After the person scared them, the crew—who were already on edge—seemed to have turned into a flock of birds who had been startled by the sound of a bell, scattering around.

It even gave Ning Ning a fright. Was Rabbit Mask here again?

After running out with the bystanders for a while, she suddenly snapped out of it. What was she running away for? The others couldn’t see, but she could. She did not see any trace of the rabbit mask, Director Chen clearly had his sickness acting up… Eh?!

“Director Chen! Get it together, Director Chen!”

Ning Ning rushed back. She patted him down then took out his medicine to feed him.

Not long later, the ambulance rushed over and sent him to the hospital.

The doors of the emergency room were closed, they would not open again in a short amount of time. Even if it did, Director Chen would not be able to immediately get up and start filming. The filming for the day stopped there, where should she go next?

Ning Ning stood at the entrance of the emergency room for a while. There were many reporters who had come during this period of time. They came with a bunch of tricky questions, it made her feel overwhelmed. Since she was not of much use standing there and she did not want to use the opportunity to gain exposure, she wore a face mask and left quietly.

“Miss Ning, what do you think of the events that have been happening to the crew?”

“There was news that said it was because Director Chen had offended someone, who do you think he had offended?”

“You are a person Director Chen favoured, you’re leaving while he’s still in the emergency room without waiting for the results, aren’t you afraid that people would say that you’re ungrateful?”

The group of reporters were unwilling to let her go, they followed her to the elevator.

Ding. The elevator door opened.

Ning Ning was stunned.

“Give way, please give way.” The medical staff in the elevator shouted.

Ning Ning frantically gave way and watched as the medical staff got out of the elevator, a hospital trolley came out…together with a masked person.

The group of reporters were still surrounding her, but Ning Ning could not concentrate on what they were talking about at all, her entire focus was on the masked person.

And the masked person…his entire focus was on the woman on the hospital trolley.

Was that his relative or lover?

Was he here to accompany her, or…

“Ahh!” Ning Ning shouted quietly in surprise.

Because the masked person suddenly walked around to the medical staff’s side and tripped them with his foot.

“Ah!” The medical staff lost balance from getting tripped by him, the masked person then bumped them with his shoulder. The medical staff’s body tilted in an instant and fell towards the patient on the hospital trolley. 

Luckily, the other medical staff had quick reflexes. They reached out their hands in the crucial moment and held him up, they said angrily, “What are you doing?”

“Sorry, sorry, I bumped into someone just now.” The other party got up frantically and looked around indignantly, he seemed to be looking for the villain who had bumped into him.

“There was no one for him to bump into, he was the one who wasn’t paying attention!” A reporter beside Ning Ning that saw the whole thing mocked him quietly.

No, it wasn’t him…

Ning Ning stared at her front firmly.

She did not know if the woman on the hospital trolley was injured or sick, all she knew was that the two medical staff stopped arguing and were quickly pushing the hospital trolley towards the emergency room.

They couldn’t see, the masked person was right in front waiting for them.

The moment the hospital trolley approached, he raised his foot.

This time he did not trip the medical staff.

He kicked the hospital trolley so hard that it tipped over.

The hospital trolley and the patient fell to the floor together, it was a huge ruckus that caused the nearby doctors and patients to stop what they were doing. They used a reproachful expression to look at the two innocent medical staff.

“What the hell are the two of you doing?” An old doctor who looked like a supervisor rushed over. Just as he was about to reprimand the two medical staff, a shriek rang out from the floor.

Beside the flipped hospital trolley, the woman had opened her eyes, lying supine on the floor. At first, she sprang up from the floor, then quickly collapsed back down, then she hugged her stomach and curled up like a shrimp as she rolled around on the floor…

This was what the crowd of people saw.

But in Ning Ning’s eyes, she saw something else.

A masked person stood beside the woman. At first, he stepped on her stomach, the pain caused her to spring off the floor. Then, he stepped on her chest. She laid back down from getting stepped on. Afterwards, stomps after stomps, the woman was stomped into a shrimp. For the sake of trying to avoid his abuse, she rolled around, her head and face were bleeding from getting stomped at, but her hands hugged her stomach all the while.

Because she was pregnant.

Ning Ning pushed the reporters away abruptly and took two steps towards her.

The masked person stopped. He slowly turned his head to look at her, with a dark expression and a voice only she could hear, he asked, “You want to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong?”

Although he was wearing a completely different mask, his bloodshot eyes and vicious eyes were no different from Mr. Rabbit.

This was a murderer, it didn’t matter if he faced Ning Ning or the woman on the floor, he would not go soft.

Ning Ning’s limbs felt heavy for a moment, her survival instincts gripped firmly onto her arms and legs.

“If only Wen Yu or Shi Tou Ge were here.” She could not help but think.

Wen Yu had a lot of experience dealing with masked people. Since he could beat up Mr. Rabbit, he could beat up this masked person today. As for Shi Zhong Tang, he was trained in martial arts, taking care of a couple of hooligans was as easy as eating or drinking to him. A murderer would be harder to deal with, but it would also only be a difficulty of eating two meals or drinking two bowls of water.

“Even if it was Chen Shuang He who was here, I would at least have someone’s help…” She thought again.

But she only had herself now.

She asked herself, could she win?

This was not like before. In the past, she was able to leave things to luck and bravely give things a shot no matter how scary or dangerous the situation was. That was because she transmigrated into another person’s body using the movie theater. This was not the movie theater, this was reality, she was standing here by herself.

Moreover, the reporters were around her, every single one of her movements would be filmed. What would they write later on? Insanity? Delusional? Would there be another director who would be willing to use her?

Those considerations ceased with one sentence.

“Save…m–” the woman on the floor was bleeding from her nose and mouth, looking in Ning Ning’s direction as she hugged her stomach and pleaded for help in a frail manner, “…my child,”

This was a mother.

Ning Ning turned around and left abruptly. A group of reporters naturally followed her, forming a human wall blocking off the vision of the masked person behind her.

A man’s laughter rang out behind her, it was quickly followed up by the horrible scream of a woman.

Ning Ning suddenly grabbed a female reporter beside her. “Do you have pepper spray on you?”

The female reporter was stunned, “I don’t…”

Ning Ning immediately went up to another female reporter. “Do you have pepper spray on you?”

“I do, I do.” This reporter was petite, she immediately reached into her purse to pull out the pepper spray, but she did not hand it over immediately, she grinned instead. “Ning-Jie, when are you free…”

“Thank you,” Ning Ning swiped it over, “I’ll accept your interview later.”

She turned around and tunneled out of the crowd to walk towards the masked person.

There was a medical staff who tried to help the woman up, but the masked person kicked them on their temple. Before they could help the woman up, they fell onto the floor themself and did not get up after. Anyone who approached the area were also kicked, although they did not pass out like the first person, all of them were startled and their movements became cautious.

“Who else?” The masked person looked content with what he had done. The woman on the floor used both her arms and legs as she tried to crawl away secretly, but was stopped when the masked person stepped on her. He walked towards the medical staff in front of him as he clamoured smugly.


The masked person’s eyes sank, he looked back. 


“Ah!!!” The masked person covered his eyes and screamed, “My eyes!!”

Ning Ning stood in front of him while holding the pepper spray up. As a precaution, she continued to press it down.

Masked people were not truly invisible after all, all the movie theater did was to use a special method to remove them from the vision of normal people. But when it came down to it, they were still human, a human could be hurt by another human, even killed.

“Stupid bitch!!” The masked person pounced at the direction where he remembered Ning Ning was standing at with his eyes closed.

Ning Ning turned around and ran.

After running for a few steps, she stopped and looked back at him. He was like a bear who had its eyes hurt by a hunter, roaring loudly, attacking everyone around him indiscriminately.

A reporter who was close to him suffered. Their recording pen was dropped as they got punched, they started bleeding from their head from another punch, their face started to look like a dyehouse all of a sudden, turning bright coloured.

“Doctor, sedative, do you have sedatives, give me a syringe of it.” Ning Ning shouted at a doctor.

That shout ended up confirming the masked person’s target. He immediately tossed the reporter and ran towards Ning Ning. Ning Ning shouted out and started running, throwing things at him as she ran—handbag, flower vase, rubbish bin… She threw everything in her hands along with anything she could see at him.

The masked person took off a piece of rind from his head and said angrily, “You…tsk!”

Ning Ning snatched a hot water bottle from a family member of a patient, opened it and splashed it at him.

“Ahhh!!” The masked person retreated from getting scalded.

The water on his body dripped wherever he went.

Ning Ning’s eyes lit up. She pointed at the water on the floor and said, “Do you see that? He’s here! Hit him, hit him!”

A moment of silence.

Just as Ning Ning’s heart started to sink, an unfinished lunchbox was thrown over, followed by a chair, a used syringe… Patients and doctors, even reporters threw the video cameras they had brought along.

Inciting the rage of the crowd would cause someone’s death even without them being ill…a masked person might not die from getting scolded, but getting hit with a video camera on the head, the masked person’s body swayed, he finally fell on the floor.

Ning Ning did not know if he had really passed out, she did not dare to go confirm it, all she could do was stay rooted on the spot with her trembling legs.

A doctor walked over with a sedative. “Here.”

Ning Ning pointed at the masked person in front of her. You’re the professional you do it…shit, why are you looking at me with such an innocent expression?

“Hold on.” There wasn’t anyone else who could see masked people present at the moment. Ning Ning could not help it, she could only force herself to take the syringe with the sedative. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, she walked over with trembling hands, sticking the needle into his body.

…Hold on, masked people do not bleed blood, they bleed tape, was their body different from humans? Would a sedative really work on them?

Before Ning Ning could come to a conclusion, a group of reporters had already surrounded her, their cameras pointing at her from all directions.

“What exactly was that?”

“Why were you the only one who could see it?”

“Look at me! Look at me, Ning-Jie!” The petite reporter who had lent Ning Ning the pepper spray squeezed out from the crowd with great difficulty. She asked breathlessly, “As a hero who stepped forward bravely and saved everyone, can you say a few words to the audience?”

“Hero?” Ning Ning was taken aback, she looked down at her still trembling hands then let out a bitter laugh. “I’ve never thought of being a hero. It was just…I also had one, a mother who would throw away her life for me.”

Countless cameras pointed at her.

In the next second, in the bustling shopping malls, the rows and rows of television all had the same shot, the shot was that of Ning Ning.

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