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Back to the Beginning

“Shake off the three of them as soon as possible, then be together with him forever.”

Ning Ning stared at the memorandum.

The “three of them” and another “him” on top of it, that would mean that Zhang Xin Ai was having ambiguous relationships with at least four different men.

The question was, who was “he”? Who were the three other men?

The quickest way to test it out would be to send a message to every number on the phone and write, “Let’s break up.”

The people whom she had a relationship with would ask: “What’s wrong?”, ”Give me a reason.”, ”Do you have someone else on the outside?”, ”Let’s meet up and talk it out.”, etc.

The others on the other hand would reply: “You sent this to the wrong person.”, “Haha, the pretty girl broke up? I have a chance now!”, “Wow, when did you have a boyfriend?”, “Is that you?”, etc.

But Ning Ning could not do such a thing.

Because of the limitation, she could not say what Zhang Xin Ai wouldn’t say, could not do what Zhang Xin Ai wouldn’t do.

Something like this which would severely hurt the image of Zhang Xin Ai, she could not do…

Wait a minute, could she really not do it?

Ning Ning picked a person randomly from the contact list. She typed a message which only had three words: “Let’s break up.”

She tapped on the send button.

Her vision turned black.

“Big Sister Little Ai, let me send you back.” 

Ning Ning turned her head and met the somewhat shy and expectant eyes of Li Shan Zhu, behind him was the locked door of the atelier.

“…Sure.” She smiled.

Half an hour later, Ning Ning had returned to the apartment building once again. This time, she did not have to try and had opened the door with the first key she used. Afterwards, she laid on the sofa.

“Back to the beginning,” she muttered, “not to the very beginning of the movie, but the beginning of the current scene.”

There were a lot of scenes in a movie, the atelier was one scene, going home was another scene.

“…Troublesome.” Ning Ning mumbled as she unlocked the phone again and looked at the memorandum, “Can’t you restart after I have read the reply? In this situation, how should I know who your four little lovers are?”

If she could look at the reply before she had to restart, then even if it was tedious, Ning Ning would be able to slowly find out who the four people mentioned in the memorandum were—but Zhang Xin Ai obviously did not want to give her that chance.

In this situation where she did not know who exactly those four people were, what were the chances of Ning Ning being able to find the “him” mentioned in the memorandum?

“Maybe this is what you want?” Ning Ning smiled. On the table was half a glass of water, she raised the glass and toasted with the air in front of her. “Amazing. I don’t know exactly who your true love is at all, so the chances of me getting together with a random person…is almost a hundred percent. Who could resist Little Miss Perfect? Then I would have changed your future, right?”

She gulped down the water in the glass then viciously put the glass back down on the table.

The water had been placed there for a day, it had already gone cold long ago, drinking it down in one gulp cooled her heart. Ning Ning wiped the cold water off the corners of her mouth with a cold stare. “Not that easy!”

Even if there were no records of messages, there were records of calls.

From top to bottom—found it, the number she had called the most recently was 133xxxxxxxx, his name was ‘Big Brother Hai’.

Ning Ning thought about it before sending him a message: [I have not had dinner.]

Not even two seconds after the message was sent, he called back and said with a mellow voice, “I’ll treat you.”

Around ten minutes later, Ning Ning went downstairs.

A Benz1 stopped at the entrance of the apartment, leaning on the car was a man wearing a flower shirt, sunglasses and a gold watch on his wrist. This getup was enough to make anyone look laughable, but no one would have laughed at him, because behind the pair of sunglasses was the face of the richest of the city.

He opened the door for Ning Ning, on the seat was a paper bag.

“What is it?” Ning Ning asked.

“Open it up and take a look.” He smiled.

In the paper bag was a little box. Once you opened the box, there was a diamond ring which refracted the brilliance of the night lights.

He was rich and romantic. Ning Ning turned her head to look at Big Brother Hai’s side profile, this was a pretty good choice for a lover.

“Do you like it?” He asked with a smile.

“I do.”

“Then try it on.”

Ning Ning put the ring on her ring finger then opened up her fingers to look at it, she smiled. “It fits just right.”

“Then can you explain it to me?” Big Brother Hai smiled. “Why would my son suddenly spend money on a diamond ring? A diamond ring which has the abbreviation of your name carved on the inside, moreover…it fits you perfectly when you put it on.”

Ning Ning looked at him in astonishment.

The night was too dark, the lights in the car were especially dim, so she could not see the expression on Big Brother Hai’s face. She only knew that he was smiling, but there were many types of smiles, there were joyous smiles, there were also angry smiles.

Big Brother Hai suddenly stepped on the accelerator, the Benz speeding up.

Ning Ning fell back onto her seat, crying out in fear, “What are you doing?”

“Doing you in!” Big Brother Hai laughed out.

The car was speeding up, it sped past the Santana in front of it, then bumped a BMW out of the way. One by one, cars were left behind them, one by one, car owners shouted at them from behind, but the Benz was not going to stop. Within the car that was going faster and faster, Big Brother Hai roared with laughter.

Remain calm. Ning Ning was breaking out in cold sweat. She clenched both her fists and told herself: Ning Ning, you have to calm down!

“Even if it just so happened to fit, it doesn’t mean anything…” She puffed her chest and forced a smile. “You said so yourself, it was the abbreviation of my name, it’s not my name…”

“Enough!!” Big Brother Hai shouted out. He hammered the steering wheel ferociously with his right hand while looking fiercely at Ning Ning, “Little Ke has already spat out everything, you are dating him!”

“Watch, watch the road!” Ning Ning could not help but shout, “If you have anything to say, let’s sit down and talk! Get Little Ke to come out so the three of us can talk things out!”

“You still want to meet him?” Big Brother Hai immediately let go of the steering wheel and grabbed her collar. He looked at her with two red eyes as he breathed heavily. “Tell me, when have I let you down? I’ve bought you anything you wanted, I even got you the female lead role in that previous show with my money. How have you treated me in return? Huh? You actually seduced my son behind my back?”

“Stop the car quickly!!” Ning Ning screamed.

The Benz that no one was steering sped into a big truck.

With a crash…

Flames erupted like a firework shooting into the sky, at the same time, there were broken pieces of a car and fresh blood along with Ning Ning’s scream, “I’m someone who has transmigrated here!”

The sparks in the air suddenly went back to the ground, the broken pieces on the ground reformed into a Benz, the Benz sped backwards from the road back to the foot of the apartment building.

Upstairs in the apartment, Ning Ning suddenly opened her eyes as she gasped for air. The phone in her hands suddenly rang. She looked down, her finger trembling uncontrollably.

She tapped on the answer button, Big Brother Hai’s voice rang out, “I’ll treat you.”

Ning Ning did not want to go downstairs at all. Eventually, the phone in her hand was ringing non-stop like a curse. Every time she answered it she would hear the same thing: “I’ll treat you”, “I’ll treat you”, “I’ll treat you”.

The scene repeated non-stop.

She continuously returned back to the beginning of the scene.

It was essentially an excruciating torture,  the torment was enough to make one go mad. After the fifty-eighth loop, Ning Ning finally went downstairs begrudgingly.

A perfectly intact Benz was parked at the entrance, Big Brother Hai was leaning on the side of the car and smiling at her from afar.

This smile might look perfect, but it was full of murderous intent.

“Zhang Xin Ai, what kind of awful mess did you leave me in?” Ning Ning could not help but mutter in her heart as she looked at him.

Of the four men mentioned in the memorandum, she had now known two of them. One of them was standing in front of her right now, the problem was…shake off? How would she shake him off at this moment?

“Why drive?” Ning Ning smiled at him, “Let’s go eat nearby.”

“Hop on.” Big Brother Hai opened the car door. “What’s there to eat nearby? Let me bring you to somewhere good.”

Based on the decorations in Zhang Xin Ai’s house along with her branded clothes and makeup, she was someone who took pleasure in going after branded goods and high quality stuff, the nearby KFC and restaurant were definitely unlike her choice—at least, with the availability of a better choice, she would not make do with those places.

Ning Ning could only get in the car. This time, she did not sit in the front, taking the backseat instead.

But Big Brother Hai tossed the paper bag at her, “Take a look inside.”

Ning Ning hugged the paper bag as if she was hugging a bomb. Big Brother Hai had urged her thrice more before she unwillingly opened the paper bag to reveal the little box which held the incriminating evidence.

“Open it up.” Big Brother Hai said.

Ning Ning slowly opened the box. At this point in time, the diamond ring had yet been stained by her blood, it was sparkling and resplendent.

“Do you like it?” Big Brother Hai asked with a smile. Although he was smiling, on his hand that was on the steering wheel, the veins were popping.

“I do.”

“Then try it on.”

“I don’t want to.” Ning Ning rejected him. She reached out her hand to the side of his face and said coquettishly, “Put it on for me.”

Big Brother Hai took the ring out of her palm with slight impatience. He put it on her ring finger boorishly. It fit her perfectly. He took a glance and laughed coldly. “Can you explain for me?” Big Brother Hai smiled. “Why would my son suddenly spend money on a diamond ring—a diamond ring which has the abbreviation of your name carved on the inside, moreover…it fits you perfectly when you put it on.”

She was not beside him, but her fingers started to dance mischievously by his cheek, the ring sparkling on her finger. She dragged out the last syllable as she said lazily and charmingly, “Because he likes me.”

Big Brother Hai stepped on the brake ferociously. The car stopped on the road. He got off from the car then viciously pulled open the backdoor, but before he could do anything, the person inside had pounced on him. She grabbed his collar and tugged it hard. He was caught off guard as he fell head first into the car.

The woman was on the bottom while the man was on top.

A pair of soft arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling his face close to her own. She giggled. “But I like you.”

“…What are you doing?” Big Brother Hai looked a little flustered as he struggled to try and get up.

But Ning Ning did not let him go. She knew that he was a proud man, a very proud man. Otherwise, he would not have come over to perish together with her. Now that the car had stopped on the road with so many people passing by, so many cars—some of those cars and people had already stopped and looked in their direction out of curiosity.

“Quickly let go!” The proud Big Brother Hai almost broke out in sweat. He started to soften up. “There, there. Stop making a scene. I will buy anything for you.”

That was when Ning Ning let go with a grin.

Big Brother Hai hurriedly crawled out of the car and returned to the driver’s seat. He stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out of the crowd’s sight.

He took a look at the rear view mirror. Ning Ning was already lying on her side on the backseat, her comfortable demeanour made her look like a cat. She smiled as she admired the ring on her finger. “I don’t lack suitors, it doesn’t make a difference with or without your son.”

“You little bitch!” Big Brother Hai scolded.

“You can’t do anything but dote on a little bitch like me.” Ning Ning licked her lower lip at him.

The car suddenly turned into a dark and empty alley, Ning Ning heard him get off the car. The door beside her was abruptly opened. He came in and held the back of her head with his hand, his lips coming up against hers.

In the darkness, the sound of a kiss.

The kiss was so long that when their lips eventually parted, both of them were out of breath.

“I am a big star.” Ning Ning said after catching her breath, “There are so many people wooing me. Your son is not the only person who has given me rings. Are you going to throw a jealous fit every time?”

“Big star my ass. You wouldn’t even be one if your Big Brother Hai had not bought your fame for you.” Big Brother Hai sneered. It didn’t matter if she was sneered at or looked at with contempt, at least he didn’t sound like he wanted to murder her anymore.

Ning Ning breathed a sigh of relief. She wiped her mouth and thought this was good.

The moment he drove them into the big truck, Ning Ning had remembered something.

At the end of <<Elder Brother’s Lover>>, Zhang Xin Ai died. She was killed by a certain lover. It was not written who the murderer was specifically, but the time of death was clearly stated—18 July 2004—which was also the coming weekend. If that was the true time of death, it meant that the movie would end this weekend.

Before that day, she absolutely could not die.

“Hello.” Outside of the car, Big Brother Hai was currently on the phone with his hand on his hip, speaking in an ostentatious tone, “Little bastard, I gave her the ring for you. She said she likes it a lot… What?! You actually dare to scold your old man?! Do you know who she is? She is my mistress!”

Holy crap…

1The Benz is an abbreviation to Mercedes-Benz, a German car maker. Wiki Link

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  1. *Hurr Hurr!!* In the middle I really had to go back to check the tags for this book, seriously!!!
    No Harem or anything similar ✔️
    But I did find that the LOVE INTEREST FALL FIRST, SOOOOO my bet is still on Shi Song Tang, cuz I haven’t seen any inclination of LOVE from Wen Yu even though he is like everywhere.

    This woman is like a damn scumbag. She was married, seduced the younger brother-in-law, Hass a crazy rich Daddy who supports her, his son, and few others. I know male Chauvinistic Scum Pigs with lots of Women, but I don’t know the word for Female Scums.

  2. Why would u ship Wen Yu with NN? That’s just… I mean even if they’re not actual relatives NN had treated WY as one.
    And also PX being the father…I don’t think so. NYR and PX relationship, I believe, is pure business. I mean, hopefully.

  3. If one of the men is Wen Yu… I have to say that I disapprove completely of her!! She is not worthy of our angel, this girl is twisted with a twisted life and does not have a good and proper character! Our little angel deserves a good person, he deserves another little angel, not a little succubus!

    1. This girl is dreaming if she is thinking of him, the bitch dares… His auntie didn’t die for him so that he would tie himself with this kind of person.

  4. reading > midterms

    Where did y’all get Wen Yu from 😭 I know he’s in nearly every movie for some odd reason but… I dunno he doesn’t really seem like the type to fall for the amorous type (unless Zhang Xin Ai acts differently with him). If anything, if Wen Yu is involved I’d suppose he and Zhang Xin Ai were the “couple” Ningning’s grandmother said saved her. The girl who got into Wen Yu’s car at the end during the nanny’s movie seems to have a very outward personality too

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