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I’ve Waited For You For A Very Long Time

<<After Juliet’s Death>>, as the name suggested, was a movie about family grudges.

The story was set in modern times. Two companies in the same industry that were at loggerheads with each other, but the son and daughter of the companies had to fall in love at first sight with each other then eloped together.

But while they were eloping, they met up with a traffic accident.

The female lead character died.

“This story happened after Juliet had died.” Director Chen waved his hand. ”To ease enmity with a smile? That’s impossible. Because only Juliet had died, Romeo did not die.”

If this was Shakespeare’s story, then Romeo would take his life once he woke up in the hospital, but the writer for this script was Director Chen’s designated scriptwriter Li Shan Zhu…this guy experienced something when he was young, which caused either the male or female lead in every script written by him to be a scheming bitch.

“Romeo didn’t die. Once he had woken up in the hospital, he found out that the two companies were at each other’s throats, they even told each other: No matter how much you lower your prices, I will lower it by half!” Director Chen said, “Worried that the two companies would collapse and a third company would take advantage if the price war were to continue, Romeo could only suppress the pain in his heart. He found a girl who looked exactly like Juliet, then, he walked her through and taught her how to be Juliet.”

This girl successfully deceived everyone, including Juliet’s father.

Even the male lead started to gradually get confused. Did Juliet really die? Was he just having a nightmare? The traffic accident was just a dream, Juliet did not actually die, she was just in front of him, in his arms, looking at him with an expression full of love just like the past.

In the end, the truth came to light.

Everyone had to face the same question—Juliet was dead, what should they do with the one who was still alive?

“The actress for Juliet has been decided. As for Romeo,” Director Chen’s vision swept across the three people in front of him, “the actor will be chosen from one of you.”

Chen Shuang He knew that his chance would be very fair. Between popularity and acting skills, Director Chen would always lean towards acting skills, but the others did not think that way. Once Director Chen left, the other two immediately gossiped about him.

“Sigh, I think we are just here to go through the motions. After all, the director’s son is here.”

“Shh, don’t let him hear you.”

A group of vile people. Chen Shuang He could not be bothered about them. He walked out of the room without saying anything and went to the dance studio to practice dancing.

Because <<After Juliet’s Death>> was a musical film.

It was not that there were no musical films in the past, it was just that none of them were popular. Most people watched them as comedies, they would jokingly say that the characters in them would start dancing whenever they had a disagreement.

But <<After Juliet’s Death>> was different. Although it wore the skin of a musical film, underneath it was essentially a criminal romance film. Li Shan Zhu’s script supplemented the interesting nature of a musical film, causing this movie to become a hit overnight. It became the box office champion for the year, it started a frenzy of musical films afterwards, but even up till 2017 no movie was able to surpass it.

The reason that the movie had become such a huge success was because of how the script was refined over a hundred times, not to mention the sweat the male and female leads had shed in the dance studio.

“Zhao Yu Fen.” Chen Shuang He thought as he pushed open the door to the dance studio, “She was the female lead for <<After Juliet’s Death>> last time, would it still be her this time? We had a pleasant relationship last time, she taught me quite a few times, this time it should be…”

He was stunned at the doorway.

The dance studio was surrounded by big mirrors, there were two people dancing inside, their reflections were everywhere, the two of them formed a grand ball.

One of them was Zhao Yu Fen. She was a girl with bland features, her look was too ordinary for show business, so after <<After Juliet’s Death>>, she seemed to not have any roles which left a deep impression on people. All of her radiance seemed to have burnt out in <<After Juliet’s Death>>.

She was now doing a ballroom dance with another youth, that youth seemed to not be able to dance as he was being led by her. The two of them were talking and laughing, it was a while before they noticed Chen Shuang He at the doorway.

“Chen Shuang He?” The youth stopped in his tracks. He walked towards him and reached out a hand in a friendly manner. “Hello, I am Qu Yan, I am making a cameo appearance as Juliet’s father.”

Without blinking, Chen Shuang He stared at him…the masked man standing behind Qu Yan.

He was different from Shi Zhong Tang who was all smiles, he was a masked person that had a slightly gloomy disposition. He wore white Chinese-style unlined upper garment that only old people like to wear, his face was covered by a spotless snow white mask as he stood silently behind Qu Yan.

“Speaking of which, why did you want to be the father of the female lead?” Zhao Yu Fen said to Qu Yan with a smile, “I heard that initially you could have been the male lead.”

Chen Shuang He keenly noticed that Qu Yan glanced in the direction of the masked person, then he smiled. “I have been the male lead in many films, I want to take a break for now, to challenge myself with different roles.”

“Wow, you’re so good!” Zhao Yu Fen looked at him with a look of adoration.

“Not really…” Qu Yan spoke halfway before the masked person suddenly took a step forward and got close to his ear. The lips behind the mask opened and closed, Qu Yan’s lips also opened and closed, both of their voices combined into one as they said to Chen Shuang He, “My daughter is already dead, why are you still alive?”

This was a line from the script, but for some reason, when it came out from his mouth, it had a genuine feeling of hatred.

The dance studio fell silent for a while, then Zhao Yu Fen gave Qu Yan’s arm a pat. She said with a smile, “Aiya, why are you getting into the role of the father this quickly?”

“Then are you not calling me Father?” Qu Yan said with laughter, but his eyes were looking in the direction of Chen Shuang He’s…back.

What was behind him? What else but another masked person?

How strange. Both of them could see the masked person behind them, but Zhao Yu Fen could not see them, no one else could see them, why was that?

Afterwards, Chen Shuang He tried to look for Qu Yan privately a few times. He tried to discuss this matter in a roundabout manner, what surprised him was how Qu Yan was very resistant and cautious, he seemed to not be willing to talk about it. In the end, he even began to deliberately avoid Chen Shuang He.

“Don’t you understand?” Shi Zhong Tang said by Chen Shuang He’s ear, “He is but a puppet. Every word he says, everything he does, every friend he makes, everything was not out of his own will, they were instead instigated by the person behind him… He’s afraid of you, afraid that you are taking a shortcut like him.”

“But you will disappear eventually.” Chen Shuang He turned his head back and looked at Shi Zhong Tang. “Once you disappear, the shortcut disappears along with you.”

“Yes, I will eventually disappear.” Laughter rang out behind Shi Zhong Tang’s mask. “But that’s not happening now…Little Boy Chen, at least for now, I am standing on your side.”

“Why?” Chen Shuang He asked the question that had been on his mind.

“…Let me think.” Shi Zhong Tang tilted his head and thought about it. “For the sake of looking good in front of a certain girl?”

…What kind of a damnable reason is that? Chen Shuang He originally thought to lower his guard towards the other, but after hearing what the other had to say, he did not know whether to believe him. On the other hand, with Qu Yan expressing displeasure towards him, Chen Shuang He’s path to the future was getting more and more difficult.

“The curse of being a child star.”

“Insider reveals: There were originally only two male lead substitutes, the extra one that appeared came in through pulled strings.”

“Director Chen expressed in an interview that the male lead he preferred the most is actually Qu Yan.”

Can’t these tabloids calm down a little!

Chen Shuang He worked hard to shield himself from the news of the outside world, but there was always someone—either intentionally or unintentionally—who would tell him those news.

Public clamor could obscure the truth. Chen Shuang He felt the opinions of the public towards him gradually changed.

The term genius had not been mentioned by anyone for a long time. Instead, terms like “pulling strings”, “child star” kept being mentioned repeatedly.

“Mother, are you feeling better? Father is well, I’m…I’m also well.” On this day, Chen Shuang He practiced alone late into the night, he called his mother who was laying on her sickbed as he walked down the stairs. “Do you think you could believe what is written in the newspapers? I have quite a good relationship with the crew—especially the female lead Zhao Yu Fen, she treats me very well, she has helped me a lot…”

He stopped speaking all of a sudden as he looked down the stairs.

Although he could not see the people downstairs, he could hear their footsteps along with their conversation.

“Chen Shuang He seems to like you a lot.” Qu Yan’s voice.

“Really?” Zhao Yu Fen sighed, “But I don’t really like him, he is very ill-mannered. Last time, at the dance studio, you offered to shake his hand. Not only did he ignore you, he also put up airs even though he had no ability…”

Chen Shuang He waited for their voices to completely trail off before slowly walking down the stairs.

He walked out from the entrance and looked at the pale moon in the sky, remaining silent for a moment before asking abruptly, “Are my memories real?”

Shi Zhong Tang, “Hmm?”

“Becoming famous at a young age, becoming the movie emperor before the age of thirty, having everyone like me, people recognising me no matter where I go.” Chen Shuang He reached out towards the moon. “…Are those memories real?”

The moon looked so close, but it was so far, he reached out his hand but was not able to touch it.

“Sometimes, I think that this world is an illusion. The world is fake, my memory is fake—I, too, am fake.” Chen Shuang He retracted his hand and turned his head to look at Shi Zhong Tang. “And you are fake, an illusion created from the huge amount of stress I am experiencing. That I have actually never been a movie emperor, that everything was an illusion, that it was a good dream of mine.”

He sighed. “Now it’s time to wake up.”

Chen Shuang He gave up the thought of going home as he re-entered from the entrance. He returned to the dance studio without switching on the lights. He stood alone in the darkness, there were occasional clear liquids flying through the air, which might be his sweats, or it might be his tears.

Suddenly, with a twist of his ankle, he crashed onto the floor. It took a very long while before he turned around and laid flat on his back as he covered his eyes with both his hands.

“Such a silly child.” Shi Zhong Tang squatted beside him, looking down at him and smiling. “It’s just one role, is there a need to try this hard?”

“What do you know?” Chen Shuang He asked blandly.

“Of course I know. It’s not hard to guess what a child like you is thinking,” Shi Zhong Tang said with a grin, “you just want me to console you.”

“I’m not!!”

“Haha. Wanting to be consoled, wanting your hard work to be acknowledged, wanting to use your ability to change something—those are human nature, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Chen Shuang He could not bear it anymore and sat up from the floor. He stared at Shi ZHong Tang and said, “Don’t speak as if you know me well!”

“But I do know you very well.” Shi Zhong Tang laughed. “Besides, I have to thank you.”

Chen Shuang He, “Huh?”

“I know you better than you could imagine, I also know her better than you could imagine.” Shi Zhong Tang remained squatting beside him, his eyes slowly looking towards the direction of the tightly shut door. “…I knew it. Looking at your pitiful state, she would not be able to bear it. Because the two of you are very similar. One of you had never had a father, the other might as well not have had a father. Both of you love your mothers deeply, both of you want your mothers’ validation, both of you want to go back in time to change your mothers’ tragic fate.”

Clop, clop, clop… Footsteps rang out outside the door, getting closer and closer.

“Of course what’s most important is that in her heart, every punishment should have a limit. Having your life tampered after sneaking in, that is enough.” Shi Zhong Tang gazed at the door and slowly stood up. “She would not watch by as you die, because in the end, you didn’t do anything. The person Boss Qu actually hates had long died a hundred years ago… Isn’t that right, Ning Ning?”

Ning Ning?

Chen Shuang He followed his vision and looked over.

The door was pushed open silently, a crack gradually grew larger, an indistinguishable figure stood at the doorway.

The lights were not turned on. Chen Shuang He could not make out who she was, but watching the back view of Shi Zhong Tang, he couldn’t help but feel that this man had been waiting for this moment.

Crossing time, crossing space, through a different body, hugging the same you.

“I’ve waited for you for a very long time.” Shi Zhong Tang hugged the woman at the doorway, he said gently, “Can you give me a hug, Ning Ning?”

Small Theater:

Shi Tou Ge: “Foolish little brother, let meyour big brotherteach you how to date.”

Three Minutes: “I’ll leave everything to you, bro.”

Little Angel, “No no no no I am your actual little brother! QQ”

Ah Xia: “Oh my God, I realised I’ve got darker by two shades after going out for work, I can’t write pure love again…”

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