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A few days later, at the filming location.

“Juliet.” Chen Shuang He waited a while before turning his head and said, “I mean you.”

It was then that Ning Ning seemed to come back to her senses. As she exclaimed, she walked over to him in small steps with a cup of coffee in hand.

Chen Shuang He looked at her, she was having a slightly dazed expression. He waited for the steam from the coffee to gradually dissipate before waving his hand, “You can’t even convince me, how do you expect to deceive Juliet’s father?”

The cup fell on the floor due to his hand wave, it shattered. Ning Ning knelt down as she tried to pick up the pieces, but he pulled her off the floor, his brows were creased tightly as he said unhappily, “What are you doing?”

“The floor is dirty, I, I’ll clean it up.” Ning Ning kept her head low, seeming to be slightly afraid of him.

Chen Shuang He let out a laugh. He pinched her chin and pulled her face up bit by bit as he said to her gently, “You are Juliet, a lady who grows up with a golden spoon in her mouth. This is something only servants would do, when would you ever need to do this?”

“I’m sorry…” Just as those two words left her mouth, Chen Shuang He threw her viciously onto the floor, the gentleness from before was nowhere to be seen now. He looked down at her with an extremely cold expression.

“You have to meet Juliet’s father the day after tomorrow.” Chen Shuang He said coldly, “If you couldn’t deceive him, I would have to die; but I wouldn’t die alone, I would bring you along with me.”

“Cut.” Director Chen waved his hand, “Very good, next scene.”

A movie would not be shot completely according to the script’s order, the order would be jumbled up sometimes. Originally, there were still a few more scenes of Romeo training fake Juliet, but due to the filming location being further away, Director Chen temporarily left them out for now. They would first film the scene of the fake Juliet deceiving the father.

The location switched from the living room to a girl’s bedroom. Although the owner had left for a very long time, the room had been kept very clean. As it was three in the afternoon—time for afternoon tea—a pot of red tea was placed on the table, along with a snack stand of macarons, tiramisu, doughnuts etc.

The tea had already gone cold, the snacks had yet to be touched, a man who was all white on the temples was sitting by the table with his back to Ning Ning, like he was waiting for a certain person to return.

A pair of hands slowly reached out behind him, covering his eyes. Ning Ning sang to the tune of an opera, “Guess who I am?”

The man’s lips trembled a little, he started to sing. When he sang, Boss Qu also sang behind him, a familiar republic tune. “It’s a princess of the Qing dynasty, a fairy who had fallen from heaven, a peony in the mortal realm…”

Boss Qu slowly turned his head and looked at her. “…It’s the most beautiful girl in the world, my daughter.”

Ning Ning slowly put her hands down, her fingers were already wet with tears, Qu Yan looked at her with teary eyes. Who was the person who put the makeup on him? Why…did they make him look so much like Boss Qu?

He slowly stood up from the chair, as he slowly stood up, the surroundings seemed to transform, turning into the room of a young lady from the Republican Era1. They were surrounded by wooden four-part wardrobes2, in which modern cheongsams were hung, each one was of the latest design of the time, made with the best materials.

There was an imported blonde doll on the table, its clear blue eyes reflected their hugging figures.

“Papa knows, Papa has always known.” A Qu Yan who looked almost exactly like Boss Qu was hugging Ning Ning, murmuring in her ear, “You didn’t die, you will definitely come back to Papa’s side…”

In the following days, fake Juliet was seemingly dizzy from everything the real’s father gave her. He loved her so much he wished he could put the entire world in the box, tie it up with a butterfly knot and give it to her.

Until one day, Romeo called her over, giving her a pill and saying, “Put this in the pill bottle he usually takes.”

Ning Ning was aghast. She dropped the pill, it then rolled onto the table. She frantically waved her hands around. “No, no, killing is illegal, I cannot help you kill him.”

Chen Shuang He picked up the pill from the table and took a look at her. Suddenly, he tossed the pill in his mouth and chewed a few times. He opened his mouth and let out a laughter, the sweet aroma of a confection spread from his mouth. “Heh heh, I was joking. How could I make you kill someone?”

Ning Ning breathed a sigh of relief, but what she didn’t know was that this was a bargaining chip, what he mentioned later on was what he actually wanted her to do.

“I don’t want you to kill him with your own hands.” Chen Shuang He said while he laughed, “All I want is for you to not call anyone or give him his medicine when his illness is triggered, just watch.”

Ning Ning was stunned for a moment. “Illness?”

Juliet’s father had a heart related disease, he would always have a small pill bottle on him. Once he noticed the symptom of his illness, he would immediately take the medicine. Just in case, the secretary also had a bottle, her daughter also had a bottle, this could be equated to three layers of insurance, an accident would definitely never happen.

However, in this world, as long as there were calculative people, then there would be no definite insurances.

The location changed to the inside of a conference room. On the left was Chen Shuang He, on the right was Qu Yan, one of them old, the other young, they were all set for a showdown. What they were about to discuss was not the allocation of shares, change of assets, or ten million worth of business, but…

“I’ll give you ten million, leave my daughter.” Qu Yan said coldly.

“Why don’t you let me marry Juliet and I’ll give you ten million.” Chen Shuang He said with a laughter.

Qu Yan let out a cold laugh. “Where would you get ten million? Your father has three sons, you are the most useless and fickle, you are not capable of getting married legally at all, all you know is to tempt people to elope with you.”

Having said that, his expression grew cold. He looked at Chen Shuang He as if he was looking at a mortal enemy. “…You didn’t even protect her properly, she almost died!”

Chen Shuang He fell silent for a moment before he said, “I will take good care of her in the future. Besides, I have already established a company…”

“Would having a company guarantee that you make money?” Boss Qu laughed out loud, mocking him mercilessly. “I know what you are thinking. You are not thought of highly in your family because you have too many siblings. Seeing that I have only one daughter, you are trying to take advantage of her by marrying her to let me support you in the future…”

Chen Shuang He clenched his fists, raging as if he had been wronged, but it also looked like he was panicking because someone had seen through him.

“I cannot rest assured with you.” Qu Yan stared at him and said, “Marry into the family, let me keep an eye on you, only this way could I let my daughter marry without worries—Urgh!”

He abruptly held his chest, his expression was twisted from the pain. He felt around his body for a moment but could not find his medicine. The colour of his complexion changed. He turned his head to look at the secretary beside him, trying to catch his breath. “Quick! Medicine, medicine…”

The secretary took out a pill bottle from their pocket, then smiled apologetically. “I forgot to bring it with me too.”

Qu Yan’s eyes widened. He watched as they opened the window and threw the bottle out, then returned to the conference table, returned to…Chen Shuang He’s side.

“You…” Qu Yan stared at them with surprise and rage. “You two…”

Chen Shuang He crossed his arms as he looked at Qu Yan with a smile.

Qu Yan glared at him for a moment. He swiftly helped himself up using the table and stumbled as he ran to the entrance.

The door was opened, a person was standing across from him, long hair was draped on her body, a simple and elegant face, a sixty-point beauty in the eyes of others, but she was a hundred-point daughter to him.

“Don’t forget what you promised me before.” Chen Shuang He’s voice rang out behind him, “Don’t call anyone, don’t give him medicine, just watch.”

Ning Ning had a complicated expression on her face, she watched as the man in front of her fell upon her feet bit by bit.

The father who was already white on the temples was laying on his side on the floor, he looked up at her, his eyes had insurmountable pain in them.

“Say something to him.” Chen Shuang He sat by the conference table. With victory in his grasp, he prompted Ning Ning to give him the final blow.

“Your death will be beneficial to everyone, it will be beneficial to me too…” Ning Ning followed his order and recited the lines he had prepared for her beforehand. Halfway through, tears suddenly started streaming down like rain. “No, you cannot die.”

She knelt down and brought Qu Yan into her arms, then amidst the angry shouts of Chen Shuang He, she quickly opened the pill bottle in her hand and poured the medicine into Qu Yan’s mouth.

“You bitch! What did you do—urgh!” Chen Shuang He rushed over in rage, but halfway through, he suddenly grabbed his chest, vomiting blood.

Blood spurted out on the floor, it was black and red.

The crew went crazy in a short span of time. Countless pairs of legs ran past Ning Ning as they rushed towards Chen Shuang He who was being helped up by the secretary.

Ning Ning looked at him in a daze for an instant before turning her head to look at the person standing beside her.

No words were needed, she used her expression to accuse him. You did it?

Boss Qu looked at her. He actually used a line from the movie to answer her, “His death will be beneficial to everyone, it will be beneficial to you too…”

“…No! He cannot die!” Ning Ning quickly took out her phone and called the hospital.

The ambulance arrived and sent Chen Shuang He to the hospital for gastric lavage. Not long after the test results were out, it shook up everyone in the crew.

“What did you say?” Director Chen asked with a frown, “He was poisoned?”

The poison was placed in a cup of coffee. How could that be possible? The coffee was brewed with a single pot, two cups were used as props, placed on the left and right side of the conference table. Qu Yan was fine after drinking it but Chen Shuang He was poisoned? Under the eyes of everyone, who had poisoned it? Who had the capability to poison it? Spider-Man? Or an invisible man?

Ning Ning knew who had the capability.

She took a good opportunity to leave and look for Qu Yan. Although she found him, she was not able to find Boss Qu. Where did he go? She looked for him for a long time before she finally walked past a door that was ajar, hearing familiar voices coming from within.

“You are making things very difficult for me.” Shi Zhong Tang said lazily, “Must you go against me?”

Boss Qu let out a cold laughter, as if he thought of nothing of the other.

“Actually, going against me is not a big deal.” Shi Zhong Tang said, “But going against the theater is kind of seeking death. Father-in-law, have you forgotten? You have no rights to kill him.”

“Don’t call me Father-in-law.” Boss Qu said in a deep voice.

“Father-in-law. Father-in-law. Father-in-law.” Shi Zhong Tang said it three consecutive times instead, saying as he grinned mischievously, “Since you insist on seeking death, before you die, can you write up a will? Entrust your daughter to me.”

Boss Qu, “…Get lost.”

The door suddenly opened, Ning Ning was standing at the doorway. She was a little late so she did not hear what they were talking about earlier, all she heard was the frivolous toned “write up a will, entrust your daughter to me”, the corner of her mouth twitched as she asked, “What were you two discussing?”

The two of them were surprised. They exchanged looks before Boss Qu spoke out, “We were talking about Chen Shuang He.”

Ning Ning closed the door so that outsiders would not see her and think that she was talking to the (empty) air.

“What about him?” Ning Ning asked.

“…I just want him to suffer a little, to stay in the hospital for a few days.” Boss Qu answered.

“Is that really how it is?” Ning Ning walked closer and stared at him, “You just want him to suffer a little, not to kill him?”

Boss Qu did not know how long she had been listening for, but seeing that the only thing she asked about after coming in was Chen Shuang He and not himself, he could not help but get a little angry. He said coldly, “What if I say no?”

Ning Ning was stupefied.

“If either one of us must die.” Boss Qu was the one who asked the overbearing question now. “Whose death…would make you less sad?”

1The Republic of China (ROC), commonly known as China, was a sovereign state based in mainland China between 1912 and 1949, prior to the relocation of its government to the island of Taiwan. Wiki article

2Below is an example of a this specific type of the wardrobe

TN note: Also to anyone celebrating the Lunar New Year, here’s wishing you a happy new year. 新年快乐,万事如意,年年有余

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