Ugly Girl

At the audition.

“I am……the ugly girl.” Ning Ning sat in a corner, looking down with her hair hanging. She mumbled to herself while looking at the character design, “I’m frivolously narcissistic, full of myself, but has lived a smooth and comfortable life because of a nice rich father…”

Chen Shuang He walked past her without even looking at her.

The audition’s first act involved a scene with him and a stand-in for the female lead.

With a blink of his eyes, Chen Shuang He lost his sight and transformed into a blind man. But as he turned blind he also received love. He looked in front of him blankly, his heavenly handsome face cracked a gentle smile people could not look away from. Chen Shuang He asked, “What do you look like?”

“Make a guess.” The stand-in for the female lead was a bonafide actress. Chen Shuang He was performing well, but she was not bad as well. She put a hand on her hip, tilted her head and blinked in a cute manner.

Chen Shuang He smiled a little then reached out towards her with one hand.

“A small ear.” He started touching her from her ear, his voice became more hoarse, deep and alluring, “An energetic eyebrow, a cute nose, a……”

He didn’t continue, but his finger stopped on her lips, then caressed them with his thumb.

The pheromones he was exuding quickly ignited her hormones, they interweaved in the air before finally transforming into a sweet scent of love.

An excellent actor was like an excellent midfielder in football, they were really good at controlling the field. With just a few words Chen Shuang He led this scene and successfully directed everyone’s attention on him.

“Amazing.” The onlookers muttered.

“Is this really an improvisation?”

“Were these lines predetermined, or…… did he come up with them spontaneously?”

As the audition continued, the actress was unwittingly moved by Chen Shuang He’s acting skills. Colours of love appeared in her eyes, and for a moment she wanted to tell him that she was a beauty, in another moment she was afraid that he would only love her looks. This love was sweet yet prudent, finally she looked at him and said, “You’re wrong, I’m a very ugly girl!”


Along with the ‘Cut!’ from Chen Guan Chao, Chen Shuang He quickly pulled himself out of the character and looked at the actress retrospectively. She looked like she was still deep in character, she stole some glances at him then smiled and looked towards Chen Guan Chao.

“Next.” Chen Guan Chao said.

Actors walked up one by one, transforming into characters of the script, fighting for their desired roles and giving it their all. Chen Guan Chao glanced towards Ning Ning from the corner of his eyes, this audition was specially prepared for her,.It was as if it crushed her even before it even began. Ning Ning sat at a corner, her condition looked worse than usual.

It was time to end the farce. Chen Guan Chao looked towards Ning Ning’s direction and said, “Next.”

Ning Ning hesitated for a while, the person beside her elbowed her.She raised her head looking bewildered, a few auditioners furrowed their brows as she looked like someone out of it.

She got up and walked towards him, originally it was supposed to be an improvisation, but Chen Guan Chao suddenly said, “Act out the last scene.”

Ning Ning was stunned.

The last scene for her role was the company of her father closing down, her being exposed in front of everyone and living the rest of her life humiliated.

“Let me.” Chen Shuang He handed the cup in his hands to his assistant then stepped forward. He smiled at Ning Ning warmly. “I will act with you.”

A lot of people were jealous, including the actress that had just acted with him. She sized Ning Ning up uncontrollably, this outdated vase, how was she worth Chen Shuang He’s respect?

Was it really respect?

“Someone like you, why are you still alive in this world?” Chen Shuang He questioned coldly as his expression suddenly turned dark.

Ning Ning was not ready at her spot when this was suddenly said to her. Her body felt cold, she lifted her head and was a little puzzled as she looked at him She tried to say something but her tongue was tied.

A strong imposing stage presence was unrelentingly pressuring her. Chen Shuang He’s eyes revealed an unparalleled disgust. “A person should have some good points, what are your good points? Always believing you’re right? Being willful? Or is it refusing to let go of a position you don’t deserve to be in?”

“I……” Ning Ning struggled in the storm he created. “I……”

“If not for your father, no one in this world would look at you twice.” Chen Shuang He’s words were like daggers stabbing her heart, “You don’t know what you are like? Let me tell you.”

“Stop talking…” Ning Ning’s voice had a hint of crying, “Stop talking……’

Even though she was standing in an audition room with four auditioners along with ten plus people, it felt like she was in a room full of people. They were laughing at her, they were mocking her, they stood behind Chen Shuang He and looked at her along with him, laughing while saying these two words, “Ugly Girl.”

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” An incomparably mournful scream escaped her mouth.

Chen Shuang He was startled by her scream, the words in his mouth were stuck. He furrowed his brows. As he recomposed himself to continue speaking, he saw Ning Ning started to shiver It wasn’t a shiver that was acted out, but a head-to-toe genuine shiver, real pain that affected the flesh. She looked at him while crying, it was as if she was looking at him but it was also as if she was looking at the people behind him. She asked as she cried, “What did I do wrong, I didn’t harm any of you, why do all of you harm me like this?”

Chen Shuang He was shocked.

On the panel of auditioners, Chen Guan Chao suddenly sat up.

“…… you were to blame for everything!” Chen Shuang He said with difficulty. No, that was not what he originally wanted to say, but under her influence he had difficulty controlling himself and said the next line involuntarily, “Don’t put that responsibility on another person! If you were not vain and pretended to be the person I liked, why would I go against you?”

“You were the one who got the wrong person, why am I the only one getting punished? Why must I live while everyone sneers at me, just because…” Ning Ning slowly raised her hand and covered her face, her dissipating voice came from behind the gaps of her fingers, “Just because I am ugly?”

She started crying, the sound of her cries grew louder and was filled with more and more despair till finally she shouted hoarsely, “Papa!!!!”

The people present were mostly actors, they have seen a lot of crying scenes. Many of them had been part of many crying scenes. But when Ning Ning started crying, quite a few of them started having goosebumps, because the sounds of her cries were too realistic, it was like a cry of a person struggling on their deathbed.

An auditioner turned over and wanted to say something to Chen Guan Chao, but Chen Guan Chao gestured him to be quiet, then continued to watch Ning Ning, his eyes which were originally cold and emotionless began to glow like an ember.

But to Ning Ning, Chen Guan Chao no longer existed, the auditioners no longer existed, the other people at the audition no longer existed, even Chen Shuang He who was in front of her ceased to exist.

The people who existed were her ex-boyfriend, her ex-friends and the ex-employees from her father’s company. Their gazes, their voices, the smiles on their faces. the things they said made her shiver. She curled up and slowly knelt down, forehead stuck on the cold ground, hands hugging herself tightly. At first she could only moan softly, then the moans turned louder and mournful till she finally cried out, “Papa!!!”

“They used to say I look good, but now they are calling me ugly girl!”

“He used to say he likes me, but now he is calling me ugly girl!”

“All of them lied to me.”

“I am so sad! Papa! I am suffering so much! Papa! Save me!!”

Chen Shuang He started to take deep breaths uncontrollably. At first he planned to crush her within a minute, right now that plan was long out of the window. Although he didn’t want to admit it, but maybe……her body had really inherited a little bit of Ning Yu Ren’s talent. He had underestimated her, one minute was too short…he needed two minutes!

Suddenly, the crying stopped.

Ning Ning covered her face, and knelt on the spot silently.

It was a truck quietly driving towards a cliff kind of silence, a fire burning the last portion of a fuse type of silence, a neck within a noose and kicking the stool underneath type of silence… A type of extreme depression, extreme suffering and extreme fear type of silence.

“…. Ah … I remembered …” She said extremely frivolously, “Papa is already dead.”

She slowly put down the hands that were covering her face and look towards Chen Shuang He. Her face slowly bloomed with an extremely ruthless smile, it had a malicious feeling of someone who was hurt by the world and wanted to hurt the world. This malice twisted her smile, twisted her gaze, twisted her originally delicate and beautiful face… This smile, had transformed her into a real ugly girl!

Chen Shuang He gazed at her for a long time, until the sound of applause came from beside him.

Who was it?

He turned his head over, then his eyes slowly widen.

Chen Guan Chao stood behind the auditioners table. Clap, clap, clap, applauded slowly.

The other auditioners stood up in succession, and applauded along with him. With them leading, the rest of the people started applauding. The waves of applause gushed towards Ning Ning.

Cheering for her acting skills, cheering for her suffering and pain.

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