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Girlfriend Impersonator

At this moment, a mobile phone rang.

It wasn’t Ning Ning’s, it was Wen Yu’s.

“Hello.” He answered the call, greatly aghast. “What did you say?”

Afterwards, he ran out of the door without waiting for the other party to finish, he did not even bother to take his coat and book with him. Ning Ning frantically collected those things and chased after him.

“I will be right there.” Wen Yu hung up as he opened the car door.

The car door on the other side opened as Ning Ning sat in the car as well.

Wen Yu turned around and looked at her, she turned around and looked at Wen Yu.

“I helped you with these.” She hugged the coat and book tightly. She did not intend to return them at all, because they were the only excuse for her to stay by his side. “…Incidentally,… incidentally, I can accompany you, you don’t look so good at the moment.”

Wen Yu looked at her deeply before turning back, he simply said, “Put on your seatbelt.”

Ning Ning breathed a sigh of relief and put on her seatbelt.

…She quickly found out why he said that…

It was not an act of chivalry, nor was it a passing remark, because Wen Yu then drove at a life threatening speed. It was to the extent that Ning Ning had to crawl out of the car after it stopped at the hospital.

Wen Yu rushed into a ward and was slightly out of breath as he had run almost the whole way there. He shouted, “Father.”

“You’re here.” Director Shi looked at him with a smile.

Ning Ning entered behind Wen Yu. She recognised Director Shi with one look. Although he had turned old and fat and was spread out on the bed like a blanket, his smile looked exactly the same as it was those many years ago, thus she addressed him very naturally, “Director Shi.”

Director Shi shifted his vision onto her, his eyes brightened the moment he saw her holding on to Wen Yu’s coat and book. He raised his eyebrows at Wen Yu. “Little rascal, you’re finally willing to let me meet your girlfriend.”

Ning Ning had just walked over. She almost retreated backwards when she heard those words, but Wen Yu reached out and grab her fingers.

She turned to look at him, and saw that he was pleading her with his eyes.

“…Yes, Uncle.” Ning Ning slowly turned back and smiled at Director Shi, “He brings me here to meet you.”

“Good. Good, good, good.” Director Shi was so overwhelmed with joy, all he could say was ‘good’.

At this moment, the doctor came looking for Wen Yu. Director Shi urged him, “Go, go. Both of you go out, I want to talk to this little girl.”

Director Shi immediately activated parent interrogation mode after Wen Yu left the room. “How long have you known Little Yu?”

Ning Ning, “…It’s been a while.”

Director Shi, “Little Wen is someone who doesn’t really know how to please a girl. What did you see in him?”

“He…he is cold on the outside but is warm inside.” Ning Ning gave it a thought, “He doesn’t really know how to say anything nice, but if anything were to happen, he would be the first to extend a helping hand.”

“Haha, he is exactly that sort of person.” Director Shi laughed heartily, “He is very reliable at critical moments. Please ask for as much help from him as possible, be it repairing your computer, your car, your phone…”

Ning Ning, “…”

Wen Yu, what have you been doing these years? Why have your job scope expanded to repairing mobile phones?

“Besides, all he does is work and more work. Money is but a number in his bank account, help him spend some of it.” Director Shi continued to ramble on, “Let him accompany you on shopping trips, buy some clothes and bags. If he doesn’t have the time, you can go on Taobao1, then make him pay for your cart…”

…Are you his dad or my dad! Ning Ning wiped her sweat and said, “No, it’s fine. I don’t really buy many things.”

“Sigh.” Director Shi sighed again, “ Besides being rich, he doesn’t have any other good points. If you don’t spend his money, how do you usually spend time together?”

Ning Ning did not know why Director Shi viewed Wen Yu in such a way, but she decided to defend him and said, “I watch him draw.”

Director Shi, “Oh?”

“He draws really well.” Ning Ning said, “He has a unique style of drawing, it’s especially impactful. I like watching him draw.”

“…The way you two spend time is very old-fashioned. It’s like something people from my generation would do.” Director Shi said with a laugh, “Although romance is nice, you would still need life’s necessities. Who’s the one who usually cooks? Whose preference do you guys cook for?”

“We take turns to cook.” Ning Ning answered, “We don’t cook for one of our preferences. We have similar preferences, we both prefer something more bland. Sometimes, we make potatoes with roasted beef…also, we try not to use any coriander for our dishes.”

Before she could finish, the door opened behind her.

Ning Ning shut her mouth when she heard Wen Yu walked over. He reached out and gave her shoulder a pat. “You have to work. You can make a move first, I’ll stay behind and accompany Father.”

“Alright.” Girlfriend Impersonator Ning Ning went along with the flow. She handed over the things in her hands to him, then waved goodbye to Director Shi. “Goodbye, Uncle.”

Once Ning Ning left, Wen Yu had just pulled a chair for himself when he heard Director Shi laughing across from him, “Your little girlfriend is quite nice. What does she do?”

Wen Yu was taken aback, he answered, “Actress.”

Director Shi might be in the same industry, but he did not like the idea of having a daughter-in-law from the industry. Just as Wen Yu thought this would be the end of the conversation, Director Shi exclaimed and continued asking, “What had she acted in? What hobbies does she have besides acting?”

How would Wen Yu know. “…”

Director Shi looked at him for a while before switching to another question. “You two take turns cooking, right? What does she like to eat?”

Wen Yu, “…”

“How do you not even know this?” Director Shi furrowed his brows. “Aren’t you failing too badly as a boyfriend?! She knows everything about you, including your likes and dislikes. How can you be so uncaring towards her?”

Wen Yu was stunned.

On the other hand, Ning Ning originally wanted to go home immediately after leaving the hospital, but her manager Li Bo Yue gave her a call, there was really a job for her.

“<<The Great Empire>>?” Ning Ning asked doubtfully, “Didn’t this show already start filming?”

Not only had the filming started, it had a lot of hype. It was a big show adapted from a popular web novel, it was heavily funded and very ambitious, the few leading actors in the show were all highly popular new generation of actors and actresses, preparing to charge at the summer release slot for the year.

“A position opened up.” Li Bo Yue told her.

“What position?” Ning Ning asked.

“Second female lead, Princess Qing Luan.” A flashy red sports car stopped in front of her, its window wound down. Li Bo Yue said to her from behind the window, “We’ll talk on the car.”

Li Bo Yue explained the details of the character to her on the way to the crew.

“Princess Qing Luan, the male lead’s first love, her position in the show is that of the most beautiful woman.” Li Bo Yue said as he drove, “Which is also your strength—a vase.”

Ning Ning looked at the documents in her hands. She could not help but sigh in her heart.

Beautiful looks, born of nobility, elegant bearing…

This character had a lot of similarities with Princess Ling Shan.

Actually, most of the vase roles were extremely similar—their biggest use was to shine in front of the camera with their looks and curves, it was no different from a vase used to decorate a room.

“But I can do better than that.” Ning Ning said as she looked up.

Li Bo Yue was slightly taken aback when he heard that, then he started smiling. “I know.”

The car was parked outside the airport as the two of them flew to Hengdian2.

“Right, who was in this role previously?” Ning Ning asked on the plane, “What happened to her?”

“Yang Yue.” Li Bo Yue was looking at his phone. “Nothing happened to her.”

Ning Ning turned and looked at him in surprise. “Then why did the position open up?”

Li Bo Yue turned and smiled at her. “Director Chen snatched the role for you.”

<<The Great Empire>> Crew.

There was a feeling of uncertainty within the crew today.

Everyone would occasionally glance at the door, seemingly waiting for a person.

That person had arrived.

Ning Ning and Li Bo Yue entered the palace in front of them. Just as her left leg crossed the threshold, everyone turned their sights on her, it was like arrows lodged onto her body.

She almost could not take the second step to enter, but Li Bo Yue gave her a light pat on the back and pushed her in.

“You’re here.” The Director walked over with a smile as he introduced her to everyone, “Everyone get acquainted, this is Ning Ning. She will substitute in for the role of Princess Qing Luan and will be filming <<The Great Empire>> with us for the next four months.

A round of applause rang out, though it was not clear how many of them were sincere.

…Ning Ning used to be the one getting replaced, this was her first time replacing someone else. Besides being awkward, it was just more awkwardness, but she could not back out and take the plane to fly back. Right now she could only smile at the onlookers.

“Sigh, life has been tough recently.” The Director pulled Ning Ning to the side before lowering his voice and said, “We cut out all the parts Yang Yue had acted in previously. It’s a good thing she didn’t have a big part, but we would have to reshoot all of her scenes, so it would still require a bit of time. You have to be  prepared to work overtime.”

Ning Ning nodded frantically, “I can start working overtime today.”

“Relax, relax.” The Director waved his hand unexpectedly. “There’s no rush, we’re still missing a person.”

Ning Ning was taken aback. What? We are?

Just as she was pondering over what he meant, she suddenly realised the onlookers’ gaze fell upon the entrance again, including that of the Director’s beside her.

The sound of footsteps were getting closer as the person stepped over the threshold.

Ning Ning slowly turned around and had a mild shock as she looked at the familiar face.

“Oh! You’re finally here.” The Director immediately stepped up and welcomed the person. “I’ve been waiting for so long. Here, let me introduce you to everyone. Actually, scratch that. Everyone knows who you are. Chen Shuang He, replacing Li Tao Ran as General Ju Que. He will be filming <<The Great Empire>> with us here for the following four months.”

Li Tao Ran… wasn’t that the original male lead for <<The Great Empire>>??

The corners of Ning Ning’s mouth twitched as she looked at the refined and cultured smile on Chen Shuang He’s face.

Maybe <<The Great Empire>> should rename itself to <<The Great Replacements>>…

1This is an online marketplace in China.

2This is a place with a film studio in China. 

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