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“Who’s a match made in heaven with you?” Ning Ning pulled his tie, she looked like she wanted to tie a knot and strangle him to death. “You wanted to kill me!”

“Why would I?” Pei Xuan said with shock, trying to mislead her. He looked away after being stared coldly by Ning Ning. “Alright, Li Ping Ping is really an idiot.”

“She is indeed an idiot.” Ning Ning said coldly, “You would never have admitted that she was helping you to kill me! You would have said that you’ve lost your key, that she killed me after she picked it up, that you have no knowledge of this happening. You were even on a business trip, you have the perfect alibi!”

“Such an idiot like her would never have guessed that there was someone behind the walls.” Pei Xuan said, “Did you tell her? Then you made her tell me that she had already thrown you behind the walls? Ha, if that’s the case I would just have to be straightforward about it.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled with the same kind of cunning and vigilance.

“Yun Lin.” Pei Xuan suddenly stopped smiling, he looked at Ning Ning seriously, “You have to help me.”

This sentence was a shock to Ning Ning, she ridiculed, “Why should I help you?”

She could not think of a reason to help him no matter from Ning Ning’s point of view or Yun Lin’s point of view.

There was no need to explain about Ning Ning’s point of view, but as Yun Lin, no matter how deep her love for him was, it would fade in the face of mortal danger.

“Because we are accomplices,” Pei Xuan said, “you won’t get away scot-free if anything were to happen to me.”

“What did I do? All I did was spread some rumours.” Ning Ning laughed. “The same cannot be said for you. No matter how you’re going to try to cover it up, people would eventually find out the truth. You imprisoned your wife, lied to the public about her death then married another woman.”

“Didn’t the whole incident start from your unfounded rumours and sabotage?” Pei Xuan laughed as well. “Li Ping Ping would definitely be willing to testify that you were the one who told her to paste the photos around the school. If I were to tell people that I was also bewitched by you, whom do you think everyone would choose to believe in?”

Ning Ning looked at him silently.

“One’s glory is everyone’s glory, one’s harm is everyone’s harm.” Pei Xuan grabbed her hand, gently kissing its back like usual. “The two of us are like ants in a line. You have to help me, I will also help you.”

Ning Ning did not want to help him at all, she would rather go to jail.

But would he be brought to justice if she did not help him?

He had found his scapegoats long ago. By the looks of it, the scapegoats were Ning Ning and Li Ping Ping, who knew if there were others? He was too cunning. A sly person (like him) would have more than one plan to fall back on, he would not put all his eggs in one basket.

She would rather trip him from his side than watch him get away.

“All right.” Ning Ning answered.

“I knew you would agree.” Pei Xuan acted as if he breathed a sigh of relief. He opened his arms and attempted to give her a hug, but Ning Ning slapped him mercilessly.

“I am only helping you this time.” Ning Ning said coldly, “You have to give me an explanation after we resolve the current situation.”

“I was just muddled for a moment.” Pei Xuan touched his blushing cheeks, he looked at her with a smile. “If I had known that you are so sinister and ruthless, I would not have let Li Ping Ping touch you. I would have married you long ago.”

Ning Ning, “…”

…Is he for real? Is this guy a psycho?

“It’s true.” Pei Xuan seemed to have read her mind, he put his arm on her shoulder and said, “I don’t like women who are too into me. A woman like Li Ping Ping is everywhere. Easy to control, but they also lose control easily, so I have to change them frequently…”

He looked at Ning Ning with admiration as he said so. “That’s why I like someone who is smart and ruthless, that kind of person suits my taste. Like you for example, you are quite charming in my eyes…”

Ning Ning could not help but give him a slap.

He actually started smiling, making shivers run down Ning Ning’s spine.

“Alright, it’s time for us to make an appearance, don’t keep the audience waiting.” He hugged Ning Ning’s shoulders intimately like an actor preparing to step on stage, he walked through the door and presented himself on stage.

The people outside were in the midst of discussion. Initially, most of them stood on Pei Xuan’s side because of his performance, but once Pei Xuan left, people calmed down and started to have a divergent point of view. After all, no matter what Pei Xuan said, the person who had gone through the torture was Yan Qing.

There were a few older women giving Yan Qing food and water, she ate and cried while saying, “At the beginning, he said he will take good care of me while he hides me no matter what others say. But he locked me up…I could not get out, I could only watch him whisper sweet nothings to other women through the peepholes…”

“Have the police arrived?” Pei Xuan suddenly interrupted Yan Qing.

“They are almost here.” Someone answered him.

Pei Xuan took a look at Yan Qing. Although he did not do anything, one look was enough to make Yan Qing shiver. She hid in the embrace of an older woman, not daring to come out.

“I know that everyone has their doubts, you don’t know whether to believe in Yan Qing or to believe in me. How about this?” Pei Xuan turned around and took a look at Ning Ning, “Let Little Lin monitor me while I bring Yan Qing’s parents over. This incident is something that two of them know of. No matter the conclusion, Yan Qing has to go back with them.”

Even without rehearsing, Ning Ning had already put on a very fitting expression, her tone was ice cold, “The two of you have not even gotten divorced, where is she going back to?”

Pei Xuan was taken aback, he pulled her hand and said in a low voice, “Listen to me…”

Ning Ning did not answer while her expression remained cold. She looked like she was completely heartbroken by this incident. Adding the two slap marks on Pei Xuan’s face on top of that, no one would think that Ning Ning would help him out, everyone thought that the two of them had become enemies because of this.

Who better to monitor someone other than the enemy of the person?

“That works. Quickly go and come back.” Aunt Li said, “I will help you look after things here.”

“Thank you, Aunt Li.” Pei Xuan answered while looking a little dispirited.

But his expression changed the moment he walked out the door and got in the car. He smiled at Ning Ning beside him. “Sit tight, we are running away.”

Ning Ning was stunned by what he said just as she put on the seatbelt. “Running away?”

“Why do you think Li Ping Ping agreed to help me?” Pei Xuan took out two train tickets from his pocket and waved them at her.

Ning Ning’s expression turned grave as she looked at the two tickets. “When are those tickets for?”

“Today.” Pei Xuan answered as he stepped on the accelerator.


This fellow had prepared for the worst case scenario as expected. He came back today to look at the situation—if Li Ping Ping had successfully killed Ning Ning, he would take advantage of the situation and pretend not to know her, then he would continue to live together with Yan Qing who was in the walls.

The problem was that things had developed out of his expectations. Not only did Li Ping Ping fail, but the truth about Yan Qing was also exposed to people, thus this fellow went all in and was preparing to run for it.

What to do?

“We’re leaving just like that?” Ning Ning asked.

“If we don’t go now, we would not be able to go later.” Pei Xuan controlled the steering wheel with one hand as he took out a pack of cigarettes with another.

“…I didn’t even bring a pair of pants.” Ning Ning did not want to leave at all—or to be more specific, she did not intend to let him leave. She was trying her best to hinder him right now. “What did you bring? Did you bring money? Going out of town will burn through a lot of money…”

“It’ll be alright.” Pei Xuan glossed over the topic. He put a stick of cigarette in his mouth. “There will be a huge sum of money transferred into my account soon, I will just forget about the things I leave behind here.”

To be able to drop everything on a dime, it would seem that Pei Xuan did not come back for the villa or anything in the villa.

Then why did he come back?

“What kind of money? Would it be enough for the expenses in this period of time?” Ning Ning slowly turned around and looked at him. “You spent quite a lot just on the renovation of this villa, right?”

Instead of saying that he renovated the villa, she might as well have said he spent a lot of money to renovate a prison for the sake of torturing Yan Qing…but he didn’t seem like he held a grudge against Yan Qing. He was not someone who committed crime for pleasure, what was his motive for doing so?

“It was a necessary expense, so it was worth it.” Pei Xuan spoke about what he did as calmly as he did his normal job. “That’s right. The box by your feet, open it up, see if the lighter is in it.

Ning Ning took a look at him before she bent down and opened the luggage by her feet.

She quickly scanned the content once she opened it up, her vision was almost immediately fixed on a letter.

The addressee was Yan Qing. This letter had once been in Ning Ning’s hands, but it was snatched out by Pei Xuan. She pretended to look for a lighter while she peeked inside the envelope. Her heart could not help but beat loudly when she saw what was inside.

“Did you find it?” Pei Xuan urged from the side.

“I’m looking.” Ning Ning answered frantically as she was panicking.

Although she had already guessed it, she did not have any proof till now.

Pei Xuan was really collecting movie tickets.

He really had the ability to collect movie tickets…

“Found it.” Ning Ning found a bronze lighter in the box, she lit it up with a click.

An answer appeared in her heart as the flame flickered up.

She turned her head and put the flame in front of Pei Xuan, he turned his face and put the cigarette in his mouth to the flame.

“The reason you tortured Yan Qing was not because you held a grudge against her, it was also not because you like to watch her suffer.” Ning Ning said slowly as she held up the lighter. “You were using her to get something, right?”

What else could it be?


Despair, ire, the desire to change their fate—only this kind of person could see Life Theater.

Life Theater would also only open its doors to this type of people, it would even use different incidents to deliver the tickets to them. For example—sending a letter, attaching the ticket to the tag within a wedding gown, coming as a free bonus with an old newspaper… Pei Xuan was using Yan Qing to acquire tickets!

Pei Xuan breathed out as he turned around, he blew a puff of white smoke on Ning Ning’s face.

Ning Ning was caught off guard by the smoke. Her head immediately felt heavy, it fell on his shoulders.

“You are so smart.” Pei Xuan held the cigarette with two fingers. He smiled at Ning Ning who was on his shoulder. “I really cannot bear to be without you.”

The car stopped in an alley. There was no one nearby. Pei Xuan put Ning Ning in the driver’s seat, she was lying limp on the steering wheel, her foot was on the accelerator. As for him, he opened the door and left the car.

“Towards someone like me,” Pei Xuan reached out and touched Ning Ning’s face, “you should be more careful.”

Ning Ning struggled to keep her eyes open to look at him. She looked on as the frivolous and merciless lips got closer to her before finally landing on her lips.

“…What a pity.” Their lips parted, Pei Xuan slowly got up. A true expression of loneliness showed on his face. “You almost passed my test.”

Ning Ning did not know what would happen if she had passed the test.

But she was about to find out what happened if she didn’t…

A few minutes later, a small car was driven out of the alley. The driver was slumped over the steering wheel as if they were drunk. The car went forward without changing direction, straight onto a big truck…

Flames burst into the sky, Pei Xuan was watching from afar. He looked down and picked up the suitcase by his feet before turning around to leave…

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