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We've Tried Our Best

The siblings returned home after staying at the hospital till ten at night.

In the middle of the night, Ning Ning heard footsteps outside of her room. Although the person was trying his best to lighten his footsteps, but he was two hundred kilograms, no matter how hard he tried to lighten his footsteps, the house would shake along with every step he took.

“…Mu Gua.” Ning Ning opened the door to her room and looked at the person outside. “What are you doing in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

Mu Gua froze and dropped something from the pile of things he was hugging.

Ning Ning bent down and picked the sausage up from the floor, then looked at the steamed buns, biscuits and fruits he was hugging. She asked him out of curiosity, “What are you doing? Eating this much for supper?”

“You, you won’t make food for me in the future anyway.” The little fatty narrowed his eyes, because walking a few steps caused him to be out of breath and full of sweat. He hugged the food tightly and said, “I want to stock up on food so that I won’t starve to death.”

…Bro, was your paranoia about being picked on triggered??

Ning Ning was exasperated.

Title: <<My Angel>>

Starring: Mu Gua

As a person who is heavily featured on the poster at the entrance of the theater—as the male lead for this movie—anyone’s fate can change, anyone but you! You have to be spoiled, you have to bully your sister for fun, not the other way around!

“Why would I?” Ning Ning forced a weak smile. “I wouldn’t dare bully you. Mama is going to get discharged from the hospital in a few days. If I starve you during this period, she would definitely kill me.”

A few days later at the hospital.

“Sorry, we’ve tried our best.” The doctors told them with a face full of regret.

Both Mu Gua and Ning Ning were hit so hard by a bolt from the blue so hard they were not able to focus for a long while.

“Although we’ve managed to save her life, she remains unconscious.” The doctor turned around and looked at Chen Ju who was on the hospital bed and said with pain, “You two should be mentally prepared that she would never wake up again.”

Mu Gua’s lips trembled a little as he shouted, “Mo…”

“Mom!!!” A scream covered his voice. Ning Ning jumped on top of Chen Ju’s unconscious body, wailing in agitation as she shook Chen Ju’s arm with all her might. “Wake up, Mom! I can’t live without you!”

How could the movie progress without you? Would Mu Gua’s fate be changed just like this? Please, no. A person only had two chances to change the fate of a main character. She had already used one of them, she did not want to waste the remaining one on a hamster that was using all his might to stock up on food in the middle of the night instead of sleeping.

After her emotions had stabilised a little, the doctor asked, “Do you two want to do the discharge procedures?”

“No.” Ning Ning wiped her tears, “I think my mother can still be saved.”

“To continue and receive treatment in the hospital?” The doctor looked around, he seemed like he was looking for an adult that could make the decision. “Where is your father?”

“My father is not around anymore.” Ning Ning looked at him in distress. “Don’t worry Mr. Doctor, we will pay the medical fees. You have to cure her, Sir.”

Without her, the remaining people could not act out the scenes.

Once they finished the subsequent procedures, the siblings dragged their tired bodies out of the hospital. An ambulance with a blaring siren passed them by and stopped at the hospital entrance. The doors opened, the doctors and nurses wheeled a stretcher trolley out of the ambulance and frantically pushed it into the hospital.

The emergency room sign lit up, a man with a crew cut buried his depressed face in his hands.

After a while, the sound of footsteps approached him before finally stopping right in front of him.

“Get lost, let the man have some peace and quiet.” The Crew-cut Man said. He jumped out of the chair the moment he put his hands down. “Bro, Brother Pei, you’re here.”

The two lackeys who followed behind Pei Xuan looked at him. Pei Xuan took off his sunglasses. “What happened? We told you to look after a person, how did the person end up in an emergency room?”

“You can’t blame this on me, Brother Pei.” The Crew-cut Man cried, “She insisted on driving. I could not dissuade her, so I let her drive. Who knew she would immediately crash into a tree…”

Pei Xuan sighed, he placed his hand on the Crew-cut Man’s shoulder. The two of them slowly walked around a little. He whispered into the ear of the Crew-cut Man, “Then you better pray that she can be saved, if not I will hang you on a tree.”

The emergency room sign dimmed and the door opened. The doctor walked out, “Are the relatives of the patient here?”

The Crew-cut Man and Pei Xuan walked over frantically. “Here. Doctor, how is she?”

“Sorry, we tried our best.” The doctor told them regretfully.

The Crew-cut Man was hit by a bolt from the blue so hard he was not able to focus for a long while.

Pei Xuan, on the other hand, pushed the doctor to the side and rushed into the room, looking at the unconscious teenage girl.

“Although we managed to save her life, she remains unconscious.” The doctor walked over and told him, “You two should be mentally prepared that she would never wake up again.”

Pei Xuan slowly turned his head. In that moment, the Crew-cut Man saw a noose strung up on a tree, his body swaying gently with the noose around his neck.

“Doctor!!!” The Crew-cut Man grabbed onto the doctor’s arm tightly, his face was filled with mucus and tears. “I think she can still be saved!!”

Later on, they filled in the hospitalisation forms for the teenage girl. Pei Xuan left the ward with a cigarette in hand because smoking was not allowed in the ward. A lackey took out a lighter and helped him light his cigarette. Just as the cigarette was lit, he suddenly heard someone from the side said, “That scared me, the girl I just sent in looked exactly like another person…and it’s not just her face—her height, weight and body measurements were all the same.”

Hmm? Pei Xuan turned around to look, he saw a young man and woman in white coats not far from him. They looked like they had just joined the hospital as interns, they spoke without a filter as they talked about a patient.

He pricked his ears up and listened for a moment, then shot a look at the lackey behind him. The lackey understood and walked over, putting his arm around the male intern and dragging him off. After a while, the lackey returned to Pei Xuan’s side. He quietly told him the information he had heard from the intern.

“There’s a girl who looks identical to Lian Lian?” Pei Xuan raised his eyebrow, “What’s her name?”

“Mu Lan, Mu Tou, Mu Ji…” The lackey listed off names for a long while.

“Could you not get back to me after you are sure of what you heard?” Pei Xuan frowned.

“This was how he answered me.” The lackey’s face was full of grievance. “It was too long ago, he couldn’t remember clearly either.”

Pei Xuan tsk-ed and asked, “Do you know where she is?”

“At Nineteenth Secondary.” The lackey answered frantically, “That doctor said this. He saw the girl while doing a physical examination at Nineteenth Secondary…”

Later in the afternoon, Nineteenth Secondary.

“Dropping out?” In the office, the Headmaster looked up at Ning Ning.

Ning Ning nodded, she told the Headmaster what happened at home.

“Something like that actually happened.” The Headmaster showed sympathy after listening to her story. “You aren’t even going to come back after your mother recovers?”

Ning Ning lowered her head and thought about it. She was mainly considering the character specifications for Mu Er.

This was how Mu Er’s story went. She was forced to drop out of highschool by Chen Ju so that she could sell her life to the family restaurant and take care of her little brother at the same time. In this period, she got to know a regular customer, the boss of a video store. He could not match up to the young and pretty Mu Er in terms of looks or youth, but Mu Er was not picky. For the sake of leaving the family as soon as possible, she married this customer once she became an adult. Afterwards, she led the austere life of a commoner, taking care of her husband and educating her kid.

As of now, that plan had met with some setbacks. Chen Ju’s current condition was equivalent to that of a potted plant at home, so Ning Ning had to drop out of school herself.

“I’m not coming back.” Ning Ning looked up and told the Headmaster. “We need money for my mother’s medical fees. My little brother has to study, I can only drop out and stay home to take care of the family restaurant.”

The Headmaster couldn’t say much about her unique situation, he sighed as he helped her with the paperwork for quitting school. Ning Ning immediately left school after the paperwork was done. A car passed by her as it drove at full speed before it stopped at the entrance of the school. The car door opened and the Crew-cut Man walked out with a lackey. He walked towards the school while burning with impatience.

In the other direction, Ning Ning walked into a market.

It had already reached the point of the day where the fresh vegetables were almost all sold out. The remaining vegetables were those that were left unsold, going at very low prices.

The scam shop could not continue operating. Without the Chen Ju who was rotten to the core to hold down the fort, if they were to continue running it with just a pretty young girl and a fatty who would go out of breath within a few steps, they might just end up getting sold in the streets.

To operate the restaurant normally, they could not miss out on doing groceries. Considering the fact that they were running low on cash, Ning Ning had to scrimp as much as possible. She walked back home with difficulty, holding the big bags of vegetables. She rounded off from the market, thinking of how to go about things in the future on the way back.

“Step one.” She mumbled, “I have to sleep with these vegetables, so that little fatty would not hoard them…”

Before she could think of step two, a few neighbours rushed past her. One of them suddenly turned around and shouted at her, “Ahh, Mu Er! Hurry up, your house is on fire!”

Ning Ning was stunned as she trotted back home.

Flames sprang up in the air in front of her.

A group of people was crowding in front of Friendship Bistro. A few kind neighbours were bringing buckets of water over and pouring them at the fire, but the fire was too intense and it was unsalvageable. In the end, she could only watch as Friendship Bistro slowly turned into ruins in the fire.

Ning Ning looked for Mu Gua from within the crowd.

“Sis…” Mu Gua sat dispirited on the ground, his face had spots of char, his clothes had a few holes burnt into them. Ning Ning was about to console him, but he turned around and told her pitifully, “I had been having cold meals for a few days, my stomach could not take it anymore, so I walked into the kitchen and tried to make a warm meal…”

Ning Ning, “…”

“I didn’t even know how the kitchen caught fire, hic.” Mu Gua hiccupped as he cried. Not only was his face charred, there were two white lines from his tears. He seemed to have wanted to seek solace from Ning Ning as he reached out to hug Ning Ning, his face leaning in…


Mu Gua came back to his senses after a long while. He held his face and looked at her with disbelief. “You, you actually dare to hit me?”

Flames were dancing behind Ning Ning as she stared at Mu Gua coldly with an extremely scary expression.

Slogging her guts out at the family restaurant while taking care of her little brother–gone.

Getting to know a regular customer, a video store boss with average looks and a gentle voice–gone.

Casting herself off from her mother and brother when she entered adulthood by getting married to the video store boss, then giving birth to a son and a daughter–gone.

“…Fatass!” Ning Ning grabbed Mu Gua’s collar with both hands. “Give me my character specification back!”

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  1. Little fatty is this on purpose???? How is it possible for him to be such a pig teammate???? Also, Lian Lian is in a coma in the hospital? Why do I start to suspect that the Lian Lian in reality might actually be Mu’er……

  2. My fing god!!! Did he just take away her chance for a pitifully childhood and killed her future husband and kid!!!!!!!⊙.☉????????????????????????????????

  3. Oops, she has gone ooc.. but still that was one satisfying slap lol. And Ning Ning, were u really planning to marry a guy and *give birth* to a kid? Seriously?

    1. She can kiss the lover of her best friend in the previous movie so I think she can also be willing to have kids here

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